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Canvas Pyramid Pillow
  • Canvas Pyramid Pillow
  • Canvas Pyramid Pillow
  • Canvas Pyramid Pillow
  • Canvas Pyramid Pillow
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Canvas Pyramid Pillow

Price: $39.00 Now $19.95 Save 49%
Item: FA4115
The apex of organization in a plush pillow
The handiest pillow you'll ever find, the Canvas Pyramid Pillow is tapered and topped with a loop, offering surfaces and storage for all sorts of things. Perfectly balanced and filled to remain pliable and prevent collapsing or tipping, the Pyramid Pillow could become your go-to reader’s companion.
  • One side has a rolled edge at the bottom for propping your iPad, e-reader, tablet or book
  • Includes a cleaning cloth for your screen
  • Offers several pockets all around to hold pens, notepads, phone, remote and small journal
  • Slide your reading glasses through the loop to keep them handy
  • Loop can also be used to carry it from room to room
  • Excellent for use on your lap, desk or floor
  • Soft blue canvas with polyfoam beads inside
  • 10 3/4W x 12 1/2D x 10 1/2H; 0.5 pounds
Canvas Pyramid Pillow 4.9 5 7 7
Perfect Solution I've had this for a few months, and I love it because it holds a few essentials that I like to keep handy, and I can use it on my lap or on the table comfortably. I think my favorite part is that it's lightweight and mobile, takes up little space to store or stash, and it's easy to set aside quickly off my lap when I need to get up. The fabric seems sturdy, but I wish it came in a couple of other color choices. My only real complaint, and it's minor, is I wish the "lip" that holds the iPad was a little wider and thicker. May 10, 2013
So Glad I Bought This I've used this with a book and with an iPad, and it works equally well with either one. Looks small and light, but, believe me, it does the job. Holds reading material at a good angle with pyramid on my lap. I don't need a pillow under it to get it "adjusted" properly, as another reviewer said. I'm so glad I bought this: Wish I'd bought it sooner! May 9, 2013
Surprised with delight When the package arrived, it was so light - I thought it was empty. When I opened it up, I thought $40 for this? BUT I must say that I LOVE this product! I read my kindle while I am knitting. This "pillow" sits on my lap so I am delighted that it is so light (and yet very sturdy), I love the pockets which hold both writing utensils as well as knitting tools. The kindle is at a perfect angle and never slips. I simply LOVE this product and have used it daily now for months! Brilliant!! January 28, 2013
Nightly use I prop my iPad up on thus on my bed every night. It holds it at just the right angle. I also use it to read ebooks and work lying down (I've had two surgeries on my cervical spine the last two summers and working at my computer gets painful. Thanks! I wish I had this and the iPad much earlier in the whole ordeal. June 22, 2012
Worth having I use this on my bed for books and tablet, and to wrangle the remote collection and pens. It is light, easy to handle, and resists the efforts of my standard poodle and 4 cats to turn it I to a pile of stuffing. I could wish the lip had more stiffness, as it tends to fold under or flop down, but it works, is comfortable, and is sturdy enough. June 18, 2012
Great for iPad I purchased this for my third generation iPad and it works great! The pyramid shape holds the iPad at a perfect angle. I use it both when sitting in a chair and in bed, and the pyramid is very light weight and stable in both places. One side has a rolled edge which keeps the iPad from sliding off the pillow, but doesn't obscure the screen. The handle at the top makes it very easy to carry around the house. There are pockets on three sides for small items, like a stylus, glasses, etc. It also came with two microfiber cloths which work well on the iPad screen. I looked at all of Levenger's book-pillows before purchasing this one, and chose it for two reasons. First, it was the lightest of all the options. You hardly know it is on your lap. Second, it has the steepest viewing angle, so I can use it while lying in bed, and the iPad is at a perfect angle to see. As an added bonus, it feels nice in the hand -- as you expect from a Levenger product. April 3, 2012
I like to read semi-reclined. I need to put a pillow under this pyramid but then it's at a perfect height. I love the pockets for my glasses, etc. and I love the handle for carrying it around. Especially good with my Kindle but works as well with a book. March 31, 2012
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