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Levenger iPhone 5 Case 4.5 5 12 12
just what I wanted I was looking for a case like this because I did not want to cover my phone(It has a gold colored back surface)wanted easy retrieval and protection.I knew Levenger would offer a product that met this criteria in both quality material and craftsmanship. July 25, 2014
Too bad I give this product the maximum rating for style and quality, however I would not recommend anyone to buy this product, after a few days of using the case, the leather stretches and losses the tight grip on your phone, as result my phone came flying out of the case in multiple occasions, now my brand new phone is all beat up and scratched, trust me this will happen to you too. Too bad because is a fine made product, advice to the Levenger folks, either use a lining that can hold the phone in the case, or put a a small strap with a snap button to prevent the phone from flying out, as it turns out is too late and too bad for my phone. May 12, 2014
Blackberry user :) I measured an i-phone against my Blackberry Z-10 and found that they are very nearly the same size, took my chances and ordered a case. It was a bit of a snug fit for a few days, but the leather is loosening up nicely. The design makes looking to see if I have messages without taking it out of the case so handy (I have my phone on silent most of the time due to the nature of my environment). Thanks for the great product. April 10, 2014
Impressive iPhone Case I've had my Levenger iPhone®5 Case for about 1 week and find it extremely functional. I'm able to carry it in my front pocket along with a money clip and it doesn't disturb the lines of your clothing. The case allows easy access while not detracting from the phone's elegant styling when you're using it. It still provides great protection for the phone when it's encased. A secondary bonus is it's elegant appearance. I'm not a big fan of all the cases that could be used in a Sci-Fi movie. The nice quality leather with contrasting stitching projects functional simplicity. It's also comforting to see that quality products can be made in the US at a competitive price. March 15, 2014
Nice Case / Good Warranty I purchased this case in the brown. Within a week of receipt one whole row of stitching came out as it wasn't properly sewn in the first place. One call to Levenger and a replacement was quickly on the way with a prepaid return label for the defective case. This case also works great with the iPhone 4 as well as the iPhone 5. I initially purchased to carry my iPhone 4 and have now the 5S. Nice professional case for a business or casual environment. March 7, 2014
Perfect Fit I have an iPhone 5S and was concerned that this sleeve may not fit, but the people at the Apple store said the 5 and 5S are the same size, so I ordered the Levenger sleeve in cognac and could not be happier!! It is a perfect fit, made with beautiful leather, is well-made, and is a product made right here in the USA. It is really gorgeous and I put a small lens cleaner in the outside pocket so I can keep my phone clean. I am so glad I ordered this sleeve and highly recommend it to anyone with an iPhone 5 or 5S. February 21, 2014
Disappointed While the case is good looking, simple and functional with the card pocket, I am disappointed. The case is not very snug at all, which lets the phone slide out easily, defeating the purpose of the case in the first place. Being leather it will stretch a bit as it gets broken in, making matters worse. December 19, 2013
Good iPhone case A well made, high quality case. It fits the phone snugly but allows it to be removed and replaced easily. Easy to carry in pocket or purse without being bulky. December 9, 2013
Another excellent product! I love Levenger! I can always count on them to deliver unique, high quality products that I can't live without. This phone case is perfect because I was looking for a slim profile case that allowed me to carry it in my front pocket. The fact that allows me to carry my business cards also makes it my new favorite Levenger product -another high quality leather product that really works! November 23, 2013
Excellent I didn't want the big hard, clunky cases that iPhones usually have. So when I found this, it looked perfect. And it is. I insert the phone with its 'on' button on the open end, and need only withdraw it an inch or two to answer calls. Love it already. June 22, 2013
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