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Cubi Tech Valet 4 5 3 3
Graduation gift I gave this, along with a pack of to do notecards, to my nephew as a graduation gift. Shipping was efficient. Gift card was a great addition! I think he will actually use it!! May 28, 2015
It depends As long as you do not have a case other than one from Levenger on your device, this valet will work as advertised. Otherwise, you simply will not be able to dock your iPad or iPhone. Fortunately for my use, that is not a great hindrance; however, I would like the option to be available. The construction is solid, and all of the sharp corners have been eased. It holds some note cards to the side and keeps my keys from wandering around my desk throughout the day. But still, being able to hold my iPad upright while it charges would add to the functionality and value of the piece. January 23, 2015
Nicely executed with one flaw I ordered the CubiTech Valet because at this time I am living in a hotel as I am on a consulting assignment. At the end of every day I empty my pockets and spread the contents all over the kitchen counter. Thie seemed to be the perfect solution to ensure I leave the next morning with all my essentials. For this it is an excellent and quality solution. The added feature of the ability to charge my phone seemed like a nice addition. In practice, after threading the charger cable through the hole in the bottom, and then pulling up up enough to be able to insert it into the phone, now requires you to pick up the valet and pull the cable back out enough to let the phone stand up. Not as easy as it sounds. If I lay the phone on its side, it works a little easier, but not as the photo made it appear. Bottom line it meets my essential needs, looks nice and is of excellent quality. January 15, 2015
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