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Oasis Shaded Annotation Concept Pads set of 3 4.7 5 9 9
I got them for the first time a year ago, and ever since I have placed several orders for our directors and staff. July 23, 2015
Awesome organizer for my desk I love this so much I give to my friends as gifts. They can't wait for the next birthday each year to get their new ones. April 23, 2015
You getting your money's worth! I have used this product for several years now and it is a big help when taking messages over the phone. October 30, 2014
Simply the Best! The Oasis Concept pad is one of my studio's most basic and useful tools, an absolute essential for all my concept sketching. Pairing it with a Blackwing 602 is a marriage made in heaven - the combination of the paper's luxurious weight and tooth and the pencil's silky, rich blacks inspires my best creative thinking. Now, if only Levenger would offer this paper in a 8.5 X 11 inch letter size version, professional visual artists like myself would flock to buy this product! August 12, 2014
Big & useful Great for plotting out books. I laid out ideas for my next textbook on the pad. One sheet for the overall structure, then individual sheets for each chapter. It has enough space for scribbling in notes. The paper is sturdy and constant use won't wear it out. Yes, I could have used a big sheet of newsprint, but this pad works so much better. July 28, 2014
Useful for Genealogy These pads are very useful for genealogical research -- taking notes, charting out various relationships, sketching land info, etc. I use your products in my genealogy projects all the time -- the good quality of the paper is just one selling point, and I think you might find a new customer base here. Yes, we all use electronic devices, but there are times when only paper will do. July 3, 2014
Best thing ever for mind maps I guess it's possible to draw a small mind map but I like to have a lot of room. If you are looking for creative connections with your mind map, then I think you need to leave room for possibilities. Start one and leave some blank branches. The next day, you may be surprised at what you come up with. These Oasis pads give my mind maps room to roam. May 22, 2014
Great for Brainstorming and mInd mapping I love these pads! When I need to think something through there is nothing I like better than a cup of coffee and a blank Oasis sheet… use these for outlining business reports, and thinking through decisions… I can see all of my thoughts in one view…. nothing on the technology side matches this November 11, 2013
great pad I use this at my desk. When con calls happen I can leave the lined area and draw out the discussed options right then while everyone is still on the phone. Flow and swim charts thought ideas and notes. I may use a sheet a day or a whole week. Great flexibility. I fold them in half and write the contents on the outside and dates used. Fild side up ( with notes),they fit perfectly In the file! Great paper!! October 23, 2013
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