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Note Card Bleachers

Price: $99.00
Item: AD6755
Storyboard your ideas with our index card holder
This note card organizer needs a small amount of space to keep myriad ideas in motion and in view. Use this card holder to arrange your note cards by topic, priority or deadline. We include 150 of our high-quality 3 x 5 cards.
  • 6 rows for holding 3 x 5s, 4 x 6s or our business card-size Wallet Cards
  • Slots in back hold 4 pens and extra cards
  • Includes 150 of our high-quality 3 x 5 cards
  • Cherry veneer in a natural or dark cherry finish
  • 2 1/2 pounds
  • 19W x 3D x 6H

Corporate pricing available. Please call 800-357-9991.
Note Card Bleachers 4.9 5 69 69
Note Card Bleacher Poem Made of wood I think you should order one or two You won't believe The organization This will bring to you Attractive, Unique and stylish too Cards come in white Green and Blue There are cards with lines and Cards with squares Cards that are blank And cards for spares You don't have to be a teacher To own a note card bleacher No matter what it is you do This desk accessory is for you April 14, 2010
Versatile and elegant desk accessory I have had my eye on this lovely piece for years and with holidays sales finally acquired one. I use it for my notes and index cards, but I also use it to display photographs, greeting cards and appointment cards. Pretty much anything I would like to look at and keep at hand in a visual montage, as well as useful items, in a small space. One can make use of the slot as well as the space behind it. My work desk is small. The bleachers add functionality and creative opportunity in a small space. January 24, 2015
No More Desk Full of Sticky Notes These note card bleachers are terrific. I have this annoying habit of writing notes and follow-up items on sticky-notes and by the end of the day, I have sticky-notes all over my desk and nothing is organized. It's been driving me nuts. I've been eyeing the note card bleachers for a while and finally took the plunge. I love them. I write notes on 3x5 cards and now my desk is clear. I can look at the bleachers and see every note I've written. I can organize and re-organize the notes according to priority and because I can see everything visually, the high number of follow-up items feels much more manageable. The quality of the bleachers is excellent and the design is timeless and aesthetically pleasing. I an thrilled with this product and find my productivity and efficiency has increased because I am so much more organized. I'd highly recommend this product. January 23, 2015
LOVE I'm an author and I love this to keep me organized. It really helps me keep my research, character sketches and other notes handy and in sight while I'm writing. When it went on sale I got a couple more for other desks around the house. A writer's best friend! January 10, 2015
Such a nifty thing! When these went on sale I ordered two in the natural finish. I'd been looking at this item for awhile, but when I started getting overwhelmed at work with multi-colored sticky notes covering my desktop, I knew I needed a better system. I use one at work for ongoing and growing tasks. Sometimes I start a seemingly small project (create such-and-such document) and it gets postponed or the tasks associated with it grow and even spawn new projects. With the Behance action cards, the to-do list index cards and the graph paper index cards for sketching, I'm finally able to visualize many and inter-related tasks and projects. I love that these bits of information can be re-arranged and their draw order or priority edited. It's like a 3D task list with the ability to color code and edit, and even hit "undo." Each bleacher comes with two sampler packs of 75 3x5 cards - 25 full page lined, 25 to-do, and 25 graph paper. This is the icing on the cake! Very generous and much appreciated!! I am so impressed with how beautiful and well made this guy is. If you can't tell from the photos, the profile is slightly curved. This makes the unit a little more difficult to tip over. I also appreciate the design intent that went into the back of the unit. You have storage for cards and pens. Brilliant! I really don't think it could get any better. So like another reviewer said, order two! I use my second unit for studying flash cards and their content's associated sketches/diagrams. This would be an incredible treat for anyone who loves organization and task visualization and it would make a lovely gift for graduate students, professionals pursuing licensure or in exam prep, designers, creative writers, project managers, and any executive or upper management that manages multiple ongoing projects and likes to see the big picture. Come to think of it, administrative professionals who have to keep busy and brilliant people on task would also benefit from utilizing a desktop task management system. Capacity: I'm able to safely fit 13-15 vivacious 250-gm cards per row without feeling that I'm stressing the wood or crimping my cards. If you're using the 110-lb colored cards or the 250-gm cards you may be able to stagger a few more per row. I can safely fit 3 vivacious cards on top of each other at any row on the bleacher, and 5 sets of these per row. That comes out to a capacity of 90 (possibly 100 lighter weight) cards. I give it 4 stars on style because I'd like another color option, like white or black or gray. January 4, 2015
Great Product Until I bought this I had cards just stacked up on my desk, now I can see everything and keep track and update as needed no more hunting through a pile to find the card I need. December 4, 2014
My job requires going in a million directions at once and I can't let anything slip through the cracks. I was fairly organized but this tool has helped me tremendously. High quality product. Everything is easy to see, prioritize and change. I would recommend. Wish I had discovered years ago September 26, 2014
Formative assessments As a teacher, I am always looking for ways to make my life easier. I use the notecard bleachers for formative assessments. I have 20 cards, each labeled with a students name, and when I notice a student struggling with a skill or concept, I pick their card and jot down a quick note. For example, on Juan's card it says, "using "another" with plural nouns." Ana is putting commas after conjunctions. Maria is having trouble knowing when to use "how much" vs. "how many." William never remembers to start each sentence with a capital letter. Elsa uses very generic adjectives in her writing. When I plan lessons, I review the cards and this information helps me plan what needs to be taught or reviewed. If many students are having the same problem, I do a group lesson. If only one student is struggling, I do a mini-conference with that child and help him or her individually. With large groups of students, I notice their problems during class, but by the end of the day, I often forget the specifics of who needs what. This system helps me keep track of my observations. After the child has mastered a skill, I check it off so I know I no longer need to focus there. I have tried other methods of keeping track of daily observations, none of which have really worked. iPads are too slow! By the time I enter my password, pull up an app, and then go to the correct student, the class has become restless! Clip boards with paper force me to shuffle through 20 pages to find that student's name. Putting daily observations in my plan book doesn't work because there is not enough space and I end up writing around margins. It's then almost impossible to find the student-specific info. Using a spiral notebook didn't work because I end up writing too much. One year I tried using large mailing labels, each with a student's name. This was cumbersome and I ended up filling-up pages of student files with mailing label stickers. Last year I tried writing notes on my big desk pad, but it just made my desk look messy. The worst solution I tried was making up a "log" that I filled in at the end of each day. For some reason, I resented filling in a log and felt it wasted time that could have been spent planning great lessons or locating interesting books to read. The bleacher system is quick, efficient, useful, easy to use, and intuitive. It helps me make sure each child is reaching goals and no one is getting lost in the hectic school day. September 22, 2014
I get space back! This is a great product! Until I came across it, my 3x5 cards were scattered everywhere, eating up desk space. Now I'm able to keep things organized and reclaim my precious work space! July 31, 2014
Elegant, functional I've had my eye on this for quite a while, and finally took the plunge. This index card holder is extremely elegant looking, and has cleared my desk and monitors of a myriad of Post-It notes - my former organizational method before I switched to 3 x 5 index cards. I've recently purchased a variety of Levenger cards, and also design and print my own, so I can use these bleachers to organize anything I can think of. One thing I'd love to see changed/improved is the rear access to the pen and spare card slots. I'd prefer they were set slightly back and raised, to allow the pens and blank cards to peep straight up from behind. As it stands, I'm forced to move the bleachers around for access, which can be awkward, since the bleachers take a fairly sizeable amount of desk real estate. Also, while the majority of the back of this item is nicely finished, the interior of the pen wells and card slots are not - something to be aware of if the back will be visible, particularly with the dark cherry option. The pen wells, at least, really should be painted/stained. For wish list items, the dark cherry is rich looking, but doesn't really match either of my desks (it's darker than the medium cherry desk and slightly darker and warmer/redder than the espresso one). It would be great to have more finish options to choose from for Levenger's wood items - a neutral black would be fantastic. Overall, a very good item. July 8, 2014
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