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Circa Weekly Vertical Format Agenda Refill, Letter
  • Circa Weekly Vertical Format Agenda Refill, Letter
  • Circa Weekly Vertical Format Agenda Refill, Letter
  • Circa Weekly Vertical Format Agenda Refill, Letter
  • Circa Weekly Vertical Format Agenda Refill, Letter
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Circa Weekly Vertical Format Agenda Refill, Letter

Price: $34.00
Item: SPR05
Please allow 2 business days to prepare your order (plus shipping time)
The start-anytime Circa weekly agenda refill with a vertical weekly format
Customers who loved our original letter-size Circa Weekly Agenda format are in luck--this Circa Agenda features a vertical weekly format for your scheduling needs. Choose any month to begin your day planner.
  • 12-month agenda, starting any month you choose
  • Includes monthly breaks where you can add tab dividers to stay organized
  • One week per spread, Monday–Sunday
  • Time slots from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Monday–Friday
  • Monthly planning calendar at the start of each month
  • Personal information page
  • Birthdays and anniversaries page
  • Undated future planning pages
  • Note pages
  • International dialing codes
  • 4-year at-a-glance calendars
  • Durable 60-lb. text stock
  • Letter size: 8 1/2W x 11H
Circa Weekly Vertical Format Agenda Refill LTR 4.3 5 15 15
Customize your calendar I liked that I could customize the order to start when I receive it and not waste 3 previous months worth of calendar. My hitch on function, and only 4 stars is simply because this version of this calendar really fills up your organizer -- and since the paper is of great quality it adds weight as well. My fix to this was to keep 6 months in and the other 6 months filed away .. but at some point I am going to be bouncing back and forth between adding months and subtracting months. March 25, 2014
Love love love it I love the calendar! It offers several formats to keep me on track as well as the monthly to do's. the vertical format is great. Thanks levenger for your awesome products. February 22, 2014
This planner is thoughtfully organized for a busy schedule. The monthly calendar helps keep important meetings and appointments in a broad view, and the weekly agenda pages save me from an otherwise overwhelming week. I can plan out my time slots each Monday morning around meetings, appointments, etc. Fantastic, and I will continue to purchase each year. The only reason for 4 stars rather than 5 is that this product no longer has a monthly side-view tab, which I now add manually with post-it tabs. Love this and all Levenger products!! December 23, 2013
Love the vertical format As a student, I often have multiple assignments due each day and the vertical format works perfectly for that. December 7, 2013
Calendar Refill Almost Great For several years I have been using the letter size calendar refill. Until last year. each page had a corner tab that could be torn off so that it was easy to locate the current spread. Suddenly last year and this year, that tab no longer appears. That small detail has made the calendar more difficult to use and results in a 4-star rather than a 5-star rating. One other thing that reduces the rating from 5-star to 4-star is that the paper used doesn't prevent fountain pen ink bleed through. Considering that Levenger promotes fountain pens (and I use one I bought from Levenger), one would think the calendar paper would be such that one could use a fountain pen without any bleed through. I like the Circa calendar system but am disappointed by the change form the tearable corner tab to none and the inability to use a fountain pen with the paper. October 7, 2013
Functional Elegance I have used this calendar format for over a year now and just ordered my refill. It seems that they have thought of every possible agenda item which one may need to wrote down. I also like the heavy card stock which gives the pages some heft. October 1, 2013
Love it and use it all the time I am a teacher, and use the vertical planner every day of the school year to help plan lessons and keep student records, so I really appreciate being able to start the calendar in September. I love the flexibility of the Circa notebook; it lets me add pages of my own design among the calendar pages. I love the quality of the leather covers, and I like the paper itself and the variety of pages that are available. However, I do think that the 2011 calendar was much more aesthetically pleasing. (Although I did find "Jot-A-Note" a bit cutesy.) The pages of 2012 and 2013 are much more cluttered-looking. The font used in 2011 was much more handsome and elegant, I don't need a shaded strip down each column to tell me where to check off completed items, and the little calendars at the bottom of the page are busier-looking. I, too, preferred the one-page calendar of each month, and I do miss the moon phases and the little perforations to tear off the corners of the pages. July 3, 2013
Excellent Format/Value Quality is excellent, format is roomy and professionally functional. No bleeding through the paper with rollerball or fountain pen, Love It! June 22, 2013
Bit of a let-down Most of my regret is realizing that this calendar will not work well for my needs (not Levenger's fault), but I figured I could salvage some of it. Unfortunately, I can't even use the birthday/events calendar pages because they start on the back of the last week of the year. I don't assume most people carry the whole year's worth of weekly agendas around at once. I would have liked to move those pages to another section without splitting up the agenda for a time period a year away. I'm still confused how I just received a notification stating that this item shipped, when it actually arrived two days ago! June 13, 2013
Perfect planner for me I just ordered my second year's worth of letter-sized vertical-format planner pages. I explored the world of agenda formats for months before finally taking the risk on the Circa system. The format of these agenda pages is exactly what I need. Plenty of space to put all the information I want at my fingertips - and it's a classy system, to boot. Spendy ($34 for 60 pages of copies!), but clearly, in the end, worth it to me. Slightly heavier paper would be nice, but it's not a deal-breaker for me. June 8, 2013
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