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Freeleaf Multicolored Annotation Ruled Pads, Letter

Price: $32.00
Two or more each $27
Item: ADS5570
Substantial multicolored annotation-ruled notepads for the paper aficionado
At Levenger, we understand being particular about paper. Our colored Freeleaf notepad paper is smooth and substantial, friendly to all types of pen and ink and made with sturdy 90-gsm paper stock, with a firm cardboard pad backer. In fact, we believe the quality of these fine notepads can actually help you think better, and capture brilliant ideas more effectively.
  • 50 acid-free sheets per pad, 5 pads per pack
  • Multicolored annotation 1/4-inch ruled format
  • Includes one pad each in blue, gray, green, yellow and salmon
  • Pages are perforated along the top edge
  • Each page has title boxes at the top for categorizing
  • Lines are printed in gray, which is easy on the eyes
  • Gray perforated cover on each pad
  • 8 1/2W x 11 7/8H (11H trim size)
Freeleaf Multicolored Annotation Ruled Pads LTR 4.4 5 20 20
Colors are so much better than office supply color The colors of the paper are so much easier on the eye than the colored pads available at typical office supply stores. The thickness of the paper is good as well - no bleed through from pens. July 3, 2014
Great with fountain pens I love the thickness of the paper. Fountain pen ink does not bleed through. Also great for writing on the go because the paper does not shift while you're writing like thinner paper will. May 15, 2014
Some colors too dark This paper is just too stiff for my liking, and only the yellow and peach colors contrast well enough with a finepoint pen. The gray is sort of depressing. May 9, 2014
tablets for car, briefcase and home These tablets are great for all types of projects. I carry one with me all of the time. Also great for a gift -- even split out and providing one for a colleague or friend always brings a smile. March 29, 2014
Don't use a fountain pen with this paper! The style is great, and it is obviously high quality paper. However... I use a fountain pen for my everyday work, and have ALWAYS found this paper (as in for years and years) to be the perfect match-- the ink adhered well to the paper but didn't 'bleed' into it (as I've found with many run-of-the-mill pads). I recently ordered TWO sets of these pads, and have been really disappointed because something has changed about the quality of the paper. There seems to be a sort of coating on it (almost waxy) and so now my ink does not lay down well on the paper at all, which makes for a "smeary" look. (I'm also a tad concerned whatever is coating the paper is clogging my nib.) It's fine if you use pencil or gel ink pens, but for an aficionado of fountain pens, I'm back to the drawing board and looking for the right paper. I would not recommend this product to friends using fountain pens (although pencil and gel ink users should go for it). March 24, 2014
Great paper quality These beautiful writing pads have been a favorite of mine since I first used them some years ago. My rollerball and pen just glide over the page. Even the hand feel of the pages expresses the quality of these pads that come in a variety of eye pleasing pastel colors. A far cry from the stark yellow lined tablets I used to use. March 8, 2014
Disappointing for fountain pen use I'm surprised by the positive reviews because my experience has been disappointing -- at least when using a fountain pen. Being taught to sandwich the negative between a positive start and close, I'll start with my compliment on design and concept. The boxes across the top and the outline/task bar to the left are VERY helpful. I also like the concept of colored paper generally because, if you take a lot of notes, (a) the variation adds a little spice to the ordinary and (b) my personal notes can stand out among files or reams of "white" documents that I deal with. On to the constructive criticism: while the paper stock / weight is nice for fountain pen use, there either is a funky treatment to the paper or some film over the pages that causes many fountain pen inks to immediately defuse, separate, skip. It's akin to the experience of trying to use a fountain pen to write on a plastic laminate -- it just doesn't work very well. Accordingly, any "joy" or "plus" to how wisely laid out the page is or the pleasant colors on offer is overwhelmingly trumped by the "take-away" of not being able to use a fountain pen (at least not consistently). Better to enjoy a fountain pen on boring mid-weight "copier paper" than to have cool paper that a fountain pen succumbs to... As for ending with a positive, um, well, that's hard. How 'bout "I've typically found Levenger products to be top-flite and very well-conceived" (just not this particular product). PS: In fairness, I hesitated to check "NO" on whether I'd recommend this to a friend. The answer is "YES, absolutely" if the person didn't use fountain pens, "NO, absolutely not" if he/she did... PPS: I'm not talking about an apparent "discoloration" of the ink; that's to be expected when writing on colored paper (Color ABC logically will appear differently on white compared to light blue paper). Also, the pen type isn't the issue. I've used comparatively wet and dry pens, from Fine to Broad nibs, and the outcome is the same. I will say that the "ink type" does make some difference -- such that, while no ink performs as well on these Levenger pads as they do on other high quality papers, darker inks from Iroshizuku, Diamine, Visconti, and Rohrer perform better; most inks from Noodlers, J Herbin, Private Reserve, Aurora and DeAtramentis perform very (VERY) poorly. I've not yet tried my inks from Caran d'Ache, Stipula, Mont Blanc, Platinum, Waterman, or Omas; but I've tried enough to know that this is a more miss than hit product for fountain pen users (the nice weight and layout notwithstanding). February 22, 2014
Good stuff Just started using these pads for everyday use and really enjoy them. They don't bleed through with fountain pens and I like the way they are laid out with options for notes on the side. A reasonable value. I'll likely re-purchase once done with these. February 9, 2014
Love this colorful paper I love these pads of paper -they are silky to the touch and wonderful to write on - they make writing a joy! January 18, 2014
Love this Notepad I take lots of meeting notes and need to do a lot of writing for my job. I love that the paper holds up to the ink of my fountain pen, roller ball or markers. Its holds up well for markers for dootles. I like that I can pull out something in the margin. The different colors just spice things up. I can also assigin a color to a particular project so I know for quick grab which notepad I need on the run. January 11, 2014
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