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Namiki Falcon Fountain Pen

Price: $180.00
Item: AP9280
List Price: $180
This fountain pen works beautifully under pressure
Specially crafted for aficionados of fountain pens, the Namiki Falcon fountain pen will help you make your point with bold strokes or thin lines—sensitive to your touch, catering to your every writing whim. The nib is designed with precision, not just in shape but also in the composition of the 14K gold, to gently yield to your writing angle.
  • "Hooded" nib is designed for a soft, flexible writing feel
  • 14K gold nib
  • Includes a cartridge and converter
  • Resin barrel with gold-plated appointments
  • 5 3/8L x 1/2 inch diameter; 0.64 oz
  • We offer Pilot/Namiki ink refills
  • We also recommend Levenger bottled ink
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Namiki Falcon Fountain Pen 4.9 5 9 9
Levenger Service and Namiki - A+ This excellent pen with the very responsive nib had become my daily writer and as a college instructor, I do a lot of daily writing. Then one day, the plunger in the converter came free from the rod that drives it. Stuff happens sometimes so no biggie, eh? I call customer service and the next thing I know I get a whole new pen and the option to just take the converter or keep the entire new pen. In either case, the return shipping was free. Well, I just kept the converter as my pen was noticeably worn. But that kind of service and drive for customer satisfaction is extremely rare in any industry these days. Mr. and Mrs. L, you are a class act and my favorites! Keep it up and thanks for your trust in your customers. Levenger means top quality every way thinkable. April 24, 2014
Best fountain pen I've ever bought. I have bought many fountain pens and they did not work very good. They would dry up and every time I went to write it would not write. This fountain pen writes every time you go to write with it. I love this company and their products.I will buy more fountain pens in the future. If you are looking for a great pen look no father. You can surely find it here and you want be sorry. March 5, 2015
Great Pen This pen is one of the smoothest writing pens I have ever had. It does seem to have a broader line for a Japanese nib--more like a European medium--but it is exceptionally smooth. I like it because it is a simple, clean design and I especially like the screw on cap. For the money this pen has to be one of the best values in the higher end pen category. February 15, 2014
Above adequate As mentioned by other reviewers, the flex of this nib isn't great—it is only semi-flex compared to vintage full-flex nibs. Ink flow is great through this pen albeit some inks run too much when using it (even though in other fountain pens used with the same ink there is no issue). It's the smoothest fountain pen I've had the pleasure of owning thus far though so an overall 5 star rating would be fair. October 8, 2013
Best Fountain Pen Ever I have been using fountain pens since the third grade, and can finally stop looking for, and spending money, on the search for the perfect pen. From the first stroke, this pen has written beautifully, skating across the page with a perfect line from its "soft fine" point. It fits my hand perfectly as well. My only criticisms are very minor - it is very light weight, and so does not feel substanttial in the hand - but this also means that I can use it for hours without getting tired. Finally, I would love to see a more striking style and different colors - the look could not be much more boring, but that makes it good and corporate. This is a wonderful pen - buy it and enjoy. September 2, 2011
Pure Joy The nib design is the reason any fountain pen lover NEEDS this one. For the money, you won't find a more expressive joyful pen to fist your notes. It paints ink onto the paper as if a brush. I rotate this pen through my daily writers, it is easily in the top 10 of my favorites. The only thorns: when about 1/2 through the ink, it needs burping or refilling to avoid dry heaves on the paper. And I would buy a second or third if it came in more colors. August 12, 2011
Nice Pen, but not "perfect" I love fountain pens, and use them both for daily writing and sketching. For years, I've been looking for the perfect flexible-nib pen. The Falcon's legendary softness and flexibility seemed to fit what I was looking for, and I finally swallowed hard about spending so much money and bought one, with a M nib since Japanese F nibs. My first impression was that the ink flows wonderfully and generously, and the pen does indeed glide across the page. But frankly, I don't see much evidence of the nib's softness making my handwriting more dynamic and "expressive," as the manufacturer's testimonials claim. And there's something about the grip or the feel in my hand that doesn't promote my good penmanship; in that regard I prefer my Platinum Haiku with M nib, even though it's got a stiff nib and a skinnier body. I feel the Falcon's got something not quite right about its ergonomics -- maybe it's just that the screw threads on the hand grip get in the way, maybe it's the angle of the nib. Nonetheless, I'm sure I'll enjoy this pen and expect it will just take some time to get used to it. For sketching, which I'd hoped would be one of the pen's strong points given its alleged flexible nib, forget it. The nib is simply too non-responsive and clumsy for this use. The Falcon's downscale little brother, the $10 Pilot 78G with an F nib, sketches much better. So, I give the Falcon mixed reviews. Good, but not perfect by any means. December 24, 2010
excellent choice I purchased this pen a few years ago and I am very pleased with it.It has a very smooth ink flow.the Falcon does not skip.I believe that this price is an excellent price for a pen of this caliber.this is an excellent pen for any fountain pen collector/pen lover.This pen is indeed worth its weight in gold -- and more! February 27, 2010
What a pen! I've been writing with a fountain pen for the past 54 years. While learning italic script I came across mention of the Falcon and it's very responsive flexible nib. It hasn't been a disappointment. It's the best fountain pen I've ever had the pleasure of using. I purchased the fine nib and find that depending on the paper and how I hold the pen it adds some interesting touches to my everyday handwriting. The ink chamber is generous. The pen flies across the paper almost as fast as a ball point. I might have liked a more elaborate style pen, but all in all, I'm very happy with my purchase. November 30, 2009
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