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Freeleaf White Annotation Grid Pads, Letter

Price: $32.00
Two or more each $27
Item: ADS5590
Substantial annotation-grid notepads for the paper aficionado
At Levenger, we understand being particular about paper. Our Freeleaf notepad paper is smooth and substantial, friendly to all types of pen and ink and made with warm white 90-gsm paper stock, with a firm cardboard pad backer. In fact, we believe the quality of these fine notepads can actually help you think better, and capture brilliant ideas more effectively.
  • 50 free-acid sheets per pad, 5 pads per pack
  • Annotation ¼-inch gridformat
  • Use the margin section to call out key points in your notes
  • Pages are perforated along the top edge
  • Each page has title boxes at the top for categorizing
  • Lines are printed in gray, which is easy on the eyes
  • Copper perforated cover on each pad
  • 8 1/2W x 11 7/8H (11H trim size)
Freeleaf White Annotation Grid Pads Letter 5 5 9 9
I have used these for years and would not be without Nothing can compare for use with a Fountain Pen Holds ink better than any other pad I have tried December 2, 2014
I am so spoiled by these note pads I keep a goodly stock of these annotated grid pads on hand in both letter and junior sizes. I love the fact that the cardboard backing is so heavy you don't need to put a book behind them; I love the smoothness of the paper, the way the ink flows so easily when I write, the way each page tears off perfectly each and every time, the fact that there is no show-thru if I use both sides. I feel rich and privileged when I use them and I think they even help to organize my thoughts better. I thank the stars that Levenger carries these and they never change. You can't improve on perfection. July 24, 2014
Worth it I've been using annotated grid for a decade, before and after the switch to Freeleaf. The grid is great for both written notes & impromptu tables, graphs and drawings/schematics, and the annotation column is essential for capturing next steps, action items and conclusions. The paper never curls, and the pad holds up well in a briefcase or folio. Consequently, the pads are heavy (vs. cheaper ones), because of the thickness of the paper and the backing, so be forewarned if you're a pack-light person. And since the paper is so thick, there are fewer sheets per pad than cheaper alternatives. Nonetheless, I come back to these pads time & again. November 16, 2013
A High Quality Pad and Useful Format Ever since I tried my first Levenger Freeleaf Pad over five years ago, I have not purchased or used a different brand. The paper used to construct these pads is substantial. Because of that attribute, both sides of the paper can be readily utilized without ink bleeding. Additionally, the high gsm of the paper affords a pad that holds up well with handling and manipulation into and out of a brief or similar type of bag. The firm cardboard backing provides a solid foundation upon which to write. The cover sheet is also a nice touch. I am quite pleased that Levenger offers the Freeleaf Pad in an Annotation Grid format. The annotation section of the paper provides a useful and efficient space to highlight remarks, ideas, and follow-up thoughts and actions. The grid format is very functional and advantageous. The grid is subtle enough to not be distractive but visible enough to offer a way in which to format handwriting, printing, diagrams, schemes, and charts. This is a great pad with a useful format. July 23, 2013
New use for grid pads Take a single sheet from the grid pad and fold it in thirds. Think stuffing an envelope. You now a six sided piece of paper to take notes, list reminders, do a grocery list etc May 11, 2013
Works great for fountain pen users I love this new freeleaf paper. I write in this pad with my Levenger pens all the time and am impressed that there is no bleed when using my fountain pen. You can even write on both sides of the page. I also use a highlighter with no bleed on this paper. The paper is true high quality...ink glides smoothly on every page. August 20, 2010
Excellent for story timelines I purchased the annotated Grid to use for the story I'm currently writing. The story is told from the perspective of several characters, and I needed a way to keep the timeline straight. I use the grid for the arc of the story, and I use the margin for notes on specific instances that I will actually include in the book. The paper is nice and think with no bleed. I use roller gel pens that usually saturate whatever paper that I'm using. June 5, 2010
Streamlines our office All of our team members use these for client notes, and the formatting at the top of the page allows for easy routing. The reminder to always capture the date of the notes has added another level of discipline that has been most helpful. The quality paper holds all types of ink well, and we have notes from the past 5 years that all look crisp and fresh. I'd recommend these to anybody. October 22, 2008
Best Purchase - I have used these pads for over 2 years in my capacity as Construction Manager. Side panels great for annotations, dates, and grid lines for drawings and note taking. I've finally got the boss to use them when at major meetings (laywers, bankers, consultants) but the skin flint still wants me to buy them - another raise please! October 17, 2007
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