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Reading Bear Bookend

Price: $99.00
Item: AD7080
A bookend to bear your books
Poring over what's apparently his favorite text — and unaware of how helpful he is as a bookend — our elder bear gazes through spectacles while he leans steadfastly against your books.
  • Works well as a doorstop, too
  • Cast using the time-honored lost-wax process for optimal detail
  • Crafted in weighted aluminum
  • 6 1/2W x 6 1/2L x 6H; 6 pounds
  • Weight and dimensions may vary slightly

Go Behind the Design to learn more about the lost-wax process

Reading Bear Bookend 5 5 10 10
King Bear Here at the university where I work, the Bear is king. This fellow is our school mascot, and the Levenger version suits us perfectly! Bears are not just athletes. They also attend classes, teach classes, write papers and love learning in general. Bearnard belongs here at our school and he knows he is just one of us. Already, I have passed along the Levenger link to other Bears who plan to buy Bearnard. He is a Bear, after all ! December 11, 2014
Guaranteed to make you smile... My first loves in the Ursidae family are those of the polar variety, but I am an equal-opportunity bear lover. I purchased this little fellow more for form than function; it's difficult *not* to smile when looking at him perched on my desk amid the rather dry files that also reside there. He speaks to my love of reading and I think I identify with him a bit as well... since I often find myself leaning forward to find that optimal angle at which my bifocals enhance, rather than detract from, the reading experience! Well-crafted and utterly charming, the Reading Bear is a wonderful addition to the bookshelves or desktop of anyone... but especially bear-loving readers! July 31, 2014
Most Happy Bear! I smile every time that I look at this bear. He is a happy bear because he is well made, top quality, heavy as a bookend should be and is reading a good book. His name, Bearnard, suites him well. You also should see this bookend bear's young sister, Bearnadette, the Reading Bear Pen Stand (item AD6880). I bought one and then the other--- they are two happy, reading bears.Most Happy Bear March 26, 2014
Beautiful Craftsmanship! My Reading Bear Bookend sits on my writing desk. He's my daily reminder to take some time for myself to read. The craftsmanship of this bookend has created a richly detailed piece of art that makes me smile whenever I gaze upon it. Truly beautiful! March 5, 2014
Just Beautiful Received my reading bear bookend and I just love it. It's cute, solid and compliments my office. I received the little bear bookend and decided that I needed the collection with papa bear and the pen holder, which I'm waiting for. These bears are just adorable and great for a bookworm like myself. I recommend all three. Thanks Levenger January 20, 2014
Happy Son I purchased a pair of these clever bears for a 23rd birthday gift for my son. He is an avid reader and I thought a very appropriate present. He is so happy with them. They are a nice weight and really so cute holding books! Very happy with the purchase. You won't be disappointed. June 22, 2013
great gift I bought this bear for a teacher who was retiring - it was such a hit! Everyone wanted to know where I got it. June 19, 2013
Very happy with purchase I ordered reading bear bookend as a decoration piece rather than a bookend. I'm an avid reader, and aspiring writer.. however by day I'm a computer engineer. The Reading Bear was to be a nice decorative piece for my desk to serve as a reminder of my passion. I was so impressed with the quality when it arrived, the attention to detail, and the overall style of my purchase, that I immediately purchased a second for my home office. I would recommend to anyone who glances and thinks "I'd like to have that" .. you will not regret your purchase. May 20, 2013
Bearnard, The Litterary Bear Bearnard, who is actually an Accadian Black Bear, speaks and writes French fluently, of course, but is, and has, for a number of years, been a dedicated student of Latin. The book you seen him pouring over here is Cicero's Ex Officio. Unseen is his much-thumbed copy of the venerable Lewis and Short Dictionary of Latin. He usually sits on it, but due to his rather, ah, generous posterior, it is often hidden. He can produce iti in an instant, however, and with his index claw, flip to the correct tab, and quickly select just the translation which is preciseto the context. I highly recommend Bearnard, as his studiousness is contageous. He even has me reading Ex Officio, but I have to wait my turn. He loves it, but says he finds it idionatically challenging. Well, I tell him, think of it as an incintive. Tedium, he says. Bears. Always have the last word. February 11, 2013
I love this little guy! I actually use my reading bear as a door prop instead of a bookend. My office door doesn't like staying open all the way and he sits at the base of it to to hold it open against the wall and greet people! He's plenty heavy enough and visitors love him. January 26, 2013
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