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Pen Pocket Briefcase with Pen 4.4 5 36 36
compact problem solver This is an ideal organizer,especially for a very busy person. It fits easily in pocket or purse, allows you to make lists or notes, has a magnifying sheet and a pen handy at all times. It is perfect for listing all the "to do" things for the day and checking them off as accomplished, and for making sure you don't forget to buy particular items or run particular errands. Good for the busy working person on the run and for reducing the forgetful senior moments for the retired. March 15, 2014
Great for quick notes! I'm very much a lover of note cards…I probably use them a bit too much. I've had this for years and have used it as a tool to carry around notes, receipts, and blank note cards in my blazer pockets. The pen is great and if you set it down, it doesn't roll all over the place. There are enough pockets in it to keep blanks away from used cards, and it'll carry enough to get you through the day. I've just ordered a circa portable punch so that I can finally use my notecards with my circa notebooks…including my new SmartPlanner. Should be a great combination! February 16, 2014
Serves its purpose well I purchased this as a gift for my husband who has used these little briefcases off and on for years. He is pleased, as always, and says it is a useful tool for his work. December 8, 2013
Always have it with me! This is my 3rd one. Lost the last one. I'm glad that it comes in red now. I use it everyday to keep track of various 3x5 cards and it fits easily into any handbag. I don't need the expensive pen. Lots of other pens and pencils fit just fine. I wish could purchase without the pen (would costs less). I wish they would bring back the colored 3x5 cards as well as the travel and medical information cards.. That helped me with sorting and ease of identifying various categories of notes. Everyone I have given one to has loved it (much better than the International pocket). December 1, 2013
GREAT CARD WALLET I am pleased with this little card wallet. I'm able to keep up to 15 business cards, debit card, insurance card, library card and shoppers discount cards in this little card wallet. I love the tiny pen that comes with with a pen sleeve in the leather. October 27, 2013
Excellent tool I am surprised at the negative reviews. I have had mine for several years and am about to order another one. I don't find the pen functions poorly, and I don't have trouble with it falling out. I have had several pocket briefcases over the years and love them all. I really like having a pen in the briefcase, and I like the feel of this pen. I am very happy with it and am going to buy another so I can keep it in my winter coat pocket so I always have one available. September 13, 2013
Pen keeps falling out. Because I have yet to find anything comparable I am on my third pocket briefcase but my 5th pen. They have a tendency to come loose and without a clip they fall out. Wish they would add a small clip to secure it better to the case. June 18, 2013
good not great I love Levenger products & have been a loyal customer for years. I was excited when I came upon this product because I owned the original pocket briefcase and absolutely loved it (still do) but having to find a place for my pen wasn't always easy. This combo is great in theory but 2 things: a) the pad isn't nearly as firm as the original so the writing surface isn't nearly as sturdy. Not the end of the world - and understandable due to the need to include a pen - but a stronger backing would be nice, and; b) the pen is lousy. It skips & blotches way too much to make it useful. However, I did find a very good replacement - get a T-ball jotter from Parker - fits nicely and they always work like a champ. December 23, 2012
Almost perfect... I have 2 complaints. 1 - switching the note cards in and out is not as easy as it could be (design suggestion below). 2 - I love that the pen is small and fits, I do not like how it writes. As to switching the cards, There's a pocket right behind the card holder to store more cards. If the front had a window cut out, then I could just easily slide cards into the slot where the backups go today. It's not the end of the world to fit in the top, then the bottom to swap cards, it could be a lot easier. I think I may just cut into mine to make it work this way. As to the pen, I prefer pens with more "scatch", like a really thin sharpie. This pad is on the go and it's not ideal to have to push hard to write. I find that I use a different pen often. Aside from that, I love the professional look and feel and the ability to carry this with me. For that, I would recommend this pocket briefcase. October 17, 2012
Best Gift! Have purchased this twice (my step-father lost one) he liked it so much! Great quality, functional, something he uses everyday. The embossed monogram adds a personal touch. May 7, 2011
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