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Point of View Pen Case

Price: $79.00
Item: AD6745
View your pens from a fresh angle
The Point of View Pen Case holds 10 pens at an angle, almost offering them to you when you open the glass top. Your collection is protected from dust, and the grooved cradles are lined in nonreactive suede to keep your pens pristine.
  • Ten 1/2-inch wide grooved cradles
  • Lined in nonreactive suede keep pens separated and scratch-free
  • Made of solid alder
  • 11W x 7 1/2D x 3 1/2H
Point of View Pen Case 4.9 5 20 20
"Plus" Perfect Pens There once was a lawyer of Brampton base, Whose collection of pens was a disgrace, So she made up her mind To find order sublime And she now has a Levenger Pen Case! April 14, 2010
Displaying Pens with Class and Function Have been looking for a pen case to get my fountain pens off of my desk blotter and protected in a position to leave them ready to write with. This Levenger case did the trick: now have a clean desk top with pens that are angled in their good looking and well built displayer ready to write. The dark cherry blends well with my office decor and leaves my assortment of pens within arms reach. This item is a winner! October 14, 2013
Luxury Accommodations If you are looking for a place to proudly display your fine pens look no further. Ten slots to hold you pens, no matter the size. The quality is flawless and the price point is extremely competitive. This is the perfect gift for someone who has a number of fine pens and just didn't know how to display them; you can't go wrong! September 21, 2013
Great Value This is my second Point of View Pen Case. I bought the first several years ago, but as my pen collection has grown I needed another. I knew when I purchased this product that it was the right one for me. It is sturdy and well-made, beautiful to look at, and very functional. It's the perfect pen case for my desk because it keeps my pens clean and safe while also keeping them within easy reach. I appreciate the angle of the pen slots, as I don't have to worry about ink leaking into the caps of my fountain pens when they're inked and in the case. The slots are sufficiently wide to hold nearly all of my pens, and the soft suede keeps them from scratching. September 19, 2013
Handsome and functional does it Great way to display and corral all those fine writing instruments that once littered my desk. This display case keeps them neat, organized and immediately visible. Reminds me of the variety of fine pens I have collected. August 19, 2013
Makes even ordinary pens special! Got the natural cherry display case, very impressed with the workmanship. Makes a very display for some of my favorites, both vintage and modern. The display case is beautiful but doesn't detract from the pens themselves. Very happy, very satisfied. Shipping was safe and prompt. July 27, 2013
Fits well I have lately gotten much interested in Maki-e pens - especially the ones I can afford. Right now I have 9 - and this pen box holds 10! It fit nicely only desk - both in terms of size and finish. June 8, 2013
Could be better... I'd been looking at this case for some time, and now that my collection has grown to a certain point, I felt I could justify the purchase. Unfortunately, I was disappointed with the quality and feel of the case. Cosmetically, it is nice. It doesn't however feel like a solid wood case, more like a composite (I believe Levenger's description of course; just conveying my impression.) Perhaps alder is a lighter weight wood than I expected, so I can let that go. The chintzy hinges are the biggest bugaboo. They are loose and insubstantial and rattly. This probably detracts from the handling experience more than anything. I'd have been tickled to get this case for $30; for $60, it just doesn't fully meet my expectations. May 19, 2013
stunning This pen box was absolutely stunning..The workmanship was excellent . I was really impressed. It looks amazing on my dresser... April 27, 2013
Excellent Value! I looked everywhere for a quality case to support my growing pen collection. I found the Levenger Point of View Case to be equal or better quality than competitor cases at a fraction of the cost. Highly recommended. My only recommendation would for Levenger to add a small drawer, perhaps on the back to hold all my refills. April 24, 2013
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