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Boston Public Library Delivery Tote Bag

Price: $39.00
Item: ADS0565
A century later, the Boston Public Library's bookbag still delivers
More than 100 years ago, the workers of the Boston Public Library figured out that the best way to ferry books between their branches was in this deep, heavy-duty, easily grasped bag -- one in each hand, to balance the load. Our re-creation of this living antique is true to the original but even stronger. Imagine how many grocery bags you can carry in one trip rather than ten. And how easily yoga mats and gym gear will transport. Inside the delivery bag is the quotation that's etched on the Boylston Street side of the main library: "The commonwealth requires the education of the people as the safeguard of order and liberty."
  • Rugged canvas with robust handles
  • Double stitched and reinforced with a double bottom
  • Capable of holding 27 pounds of books
  • Just 1 1/2 pounds empty
  • 15W x 10 3/4D x 22 1/4H
A portion of each sale benefits the Boston Public Library, America's only public library that is also a presidential library, and where its 28 branches still shuttle books in these bags every day.


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one size fits a lot Well-constructed and very sturdy. I bought this tote bag for my bibliophile daughter. I used it as a conveyance as well as a gift: packed many of her Xmas gifts in the bag. It held a lot of gifts! She loved it. I plan to purchase more of these totes for future use. December 30, 2012
Love this bag I love this bag! I have one for myself and have ordered one for my daughter. I am now ordering one for my other daughter. This bag is very roomy and strong - in fact you can overstuff it and it would be just too heavy to carry. I use it to transport things to our vacation home as well as for laundry. I use it when I have to bring a bunch of stuff to an event - it holds alot! It is very well made and I love the nostalgia of it. November 28, 2011
Best Hold-All Around This super strong yet lightweight bag is not only perfect for hauling a load of heavy books, it also makes for a great laundry bag, a handy carrier for clean cat litter, a grocery bag and, when empty, a ground cloth for sitting. I have two of these and use them constantly. Because they are so strong and hold so much, I sometimes overload them and can't pick them up! November 23, 2011
Excellent for toys!! I am always looking for attractive ways to store my daughter's toys, and I can fit so many in this snazzy bag. July 6, 2011
Fantastic I love this bag and have bought it as a unique gift for others. I have used it as a tote bag of major proportions. I have used it as a laundry bag. I mostly have used it to transport lots of things to my beach house. I love this bag for it's usefulness, but also for it's uniqueness. I must admit, that if I filled it with books - it would be too heavy to carry. I use it for everything else. June 10, 2011
Great Bag I am very pleased with this purchase. It's very sturdy, very functional, and feels great. It's taller than I expected, but I find I like the deep size. The quality of the canvas, the stitching, and the lettering definitely stands out. It holds everything and feels like it can handle it. Combined with my brief bag, I'm finally all set for everything I bring back and forth with me. Compared to what I have paid for other tote bags, I find it to be a very good value. March 22, 2011
Great gift Received this as a retirement gift. We. Go camping a lot as we travel around the country. Great for packing just the right amount of stuff. Then it doubles as my laundry bag for treble to the washing machines. Most useful gift yet February 23, 2011
Best gift I ever gave This is really one of the most fun gifts I have ever given! I bought it after reading the other reviews, and...it is everything described. My daughter is a librarian, and was just delighted to have received it for Christmas. As a matter of fact, Santa had gotten ahold of it and loaded it up with other goodies, for Christmas Eve. Thank you for this and other wonderful products I have purchased from Levenger. January 1, 2011
Pleasantly surprised I am a bag lady. I love all kinds of bags. I wanted this bag for a long time, but did not order it because I didn't think I would be able to carry it once it was filled.. I have a neck condition and it is very difficult for me to carry anything any distance-----I ordered it anyway; it looked toooo neat not to own. To my surprise I use it all the time. It fits perfectly in my rolling basket, and because of it's tall size, I do not have to bend down into the basket it retrieve it when get where I'm going (making it easier on my neck and back).. The handles are right there, ready to grab. And as with other reviews I have read----everyone who sees it wants to know where I got it. September 21, 2009
Great for kids I road-tripped with a 4 yr. old to a wedding. Put activites in that she could not see. Pulled new items out as needed and she was terrific. As a matter of fact, there was so much extra room, I could put some of my stuff in there as well. And it went in the car in those odd spaces. Loved it!!! August 10, 2009
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