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Cubi Tech Stand for Smartphone

Price: $19.00
Item: AD7310
A desktop charging station and holder for any iPhone design
This sturdy phone stand features a clever cut-out underneath for your device’s USB cord so you can work, play, and recharge, all at the same time. You’ll have access to the home button via the indentation located on the front of the stand.
  • Accommodates iPhone 3, 4, 4s, 5, 5c and 5s, in the vertical position without a case 
  • Dark or natural finish
  • Rubber feet for added stability
  • 3 3/4W x 3 1/4D x 2 1/2H

Cubi Tech Stand Smartphone 3 5 12 12
old and new I need the new gagets, but like old-fashioned beautiful wood items. This stand answers both of my needs. Attractive storage for my I phone..and the phone fits just fine even with the protective cover on. August 6, 2015
Cubi Tech Stand Not useful Very disappointed with the tech stand. As others have indicated, if your phone has a case, which we all do, it doesn't fit in the stand. Poor purchase on my part and would not recommend this product. July 17, 2015
Great product to keep great order This tech stand is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship with a high degree of functionality. It's dark wood compliments the other accessories well and looks right in place wherever you place it. I'm a person who believes that there is a place for everything and everything should be in place. This tech stand helps me accomplish order and brings a touch of class and beauty with it. July 16, 2015
Doesn't fit. Cannot fit phone if it has a case on...which we all do. Useless. July 5, 2015
Hopefully a $100 winner! The Reason i marked No on the recommendation question is because no mater how much i love something i will rarely make recommendations. This is not a reflection of Levengers products in anyway. That being said... I am Satisfied with my purchase of this "Tech Stand" and if i had to do it all over again i would. The Natural Cherry Finish Matches well with the other "Morgan Leather" products i have purchased thru Levenger. Some have complained about it not working with a case on their phone, and while this may be true, i have not had any issues because i do not use a case. The only thing i would change is having the cord built into the unit or having a way to lock my cord in place so i can just sit my phone in it without messing with the cable. Great product over all. June 18, 2015
Doesn't fit I was so excited to get this stand, and then I was so disappointed when it didn't fit my iphone 5. IF you remove your case, the iphone fits in the stand. IF you keep your case on your phone, it doesn't fit. Who removes their case twice a day? I don't. I would think the designers of this stand would have factored in enough room for a standard case - but they didn't. Hence, the stand is useless. Bummer! January 6, 2015
Super Nice But.... If you use ANY kind of case (otterbox, lifeproof, etc...) with your iphone this is totally useless. I REALLY wanted this to work for me as I think they are beautiful and supremely functional but I CANNOT have my iphone running around naked! Just too much risk for damage - and I think most people feel this way. July 24, 2014
Great quality but not functional This stand is well made and nice in appearance. However, like others who have submitted reviews, I am disappointed that it is not wide enough to fit my iphone 4S unless I remove the protective case. Since almost everyone uses a protective case, it seems odd that Levenger would not make the stand wide enough to accommodate the phone with a protective case on it. If the design implemented this change, I would definitely give it 5 stars in all categories. July 17, 2014
Hmmmm Nice craftsmanship, nice finish, nice design but if you have a protective case, it just won't fit. I think most folks have some sort of case for their I Phone. I think the should redesign it so it would fit with the Otter Box attached to the I Phone. June 20, 2014
Nice looking but non-functional Made to fit iPhone 4 or 5 perfectly... as long as you don't have any sort of case on your phone. Which 99.9% of users have on their phones to protect them. Just a little more width in the opening is all it would take to accommodate most cases. Great idea for a stand but poor execution made this purchase a return. June 19, 2014
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