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Point of View Pen Case

Price: $79.00
Item: AD6745
View your pens from a fresh angle
The Point of View Pen Case holds 10 pens at an angle, almost offering them to you when you open the glass top. Your collection is protected from dust, and the grooved cradles are lined in nonreactive suede to keep your pens pristine.
  • Ten 1/2-inch wide grooved cradles
  • Lined in nonreactive suede keep pens separated and scratch-free
  • Made of solid alder
  • 11W x 7 1/2D x 3 1/2H
Point of View Pen Case 4.9 5 60 60
"Plus" Perfect Pens There once was a lawyer of Brampton base, Whose collection of pens was a disgrace, So she made up her mind To find order sublime And she now has a Levenger Pen Case! April 14, 2010
Point of View Pen Case I love this beautiful addition to my Levenger collection! Everything is precisely as you would expect from Levenger - quality, quickness in delivery, care taken in functionality. One more great experience with Levenger. You can place your fountain pens in the case, point down, and the angle of display keeps ink in the nib at all times, so no more difficulty in using your fountain pens only occasionally! Great product and I highly recommend this one. February 19, 2015
Design perfection Finally got all my good pens in one place. Perfect form fits function. Love the design. January 29, 2015
Beautiful case I'm a recent convert into the world of pen collecting, so a case of this size suits my needs well. It's beautiful and well-constructed. No real complaints! January 26, 2015
Worth Waiting For SHORT FORM - WELL worth the wait, I love it!!! THE REST OF THE STORY I first spotted the Point of View Pen Case - Dark Cherry quite a while ago but couldn't manage to justify to myself the full price (which is very reasonable in my opinion) for something that I didn't need, but really, really wanted. Well, some recent sales combined to put this gem of a pen case well within my ability to justify to myself, so I purchased it. It arrived this week and I'm completely delighted. The construction is very high quality, as is the finish, the packing materials were very thoughtfully designed to protect the case in shipment, and everything arrived in perfect order. The look and the function are all just as I'd hoped. But there was one surprise ... but even that was a pleasant one. I've loved and used fountain pens for over 40 years, and the one thing that has always vexed me is their tendency to go "temporarily dry" while between uses. There's plenty of ink in the cartridge, but because the pen was left point up or horizontal, the flow of ink from the cartridge to the reservoir behind the nib becomes interrupted and the tip dries out. You have to shake the pen a few times to get the ink flowing again. Well, this case is designed with an inclined storage bed, and while the photos show the pens being stored uphill, I store my fountain pens pointing tip down, to keep the ink in contact with the reservoir and nib at all times, and I'm finding that this works just great. I don't get that initial "ink stall" when I start writing now. Yay!! Another reason to love this pen case. After a few days use, I did make one tiny adjustment to the case. While the lid and case come together perfectly "as is", there is as you've seen a piece of glass in the lid. Knowing that life sometimes comes with unexpected bumps, I took the precaution of adding a tiny bit of padding to the underside of the lower corners of the lid so that when I set the lid against the base, there is less vibration. If the lid gets bumped closed while it's open, it will now land in little felt pads, not "wood against wood", jarring the glass. My technique? I took some small round self-adhesive felt pads (about 1/2 in diameter and about 1/16 thick), cut out 90 degrees from the full circle and adhered them to the underside of the lower corners of the lid, with the 90 degree cutaway aligned with the glass so the felt pads are not visible from the outside when the case is viewed. Now when I close the lid, the closure is very soft and I know the risk of damage to the glass is reduced should the lid gets jarred closed by accident. I highly recommend this case to anyone who loves their pens and wants to show them off and take excellent care of them. January 25, 2015
Beautiful Display I purchased this for my boss who is a pen collector and he LOVED it. It displays his collection beautifully. January 22, 2015
If you need a pen case, your search is over! I have looked for several months for the perfect pen case for my pen collection. I have fountain pens and rollerball pens. This case protects all of them and the angle protects the Fountain Nibs from clogging with Ink. It is very attractive and made with Levenger's top quality! I am very, very happy! January 19, 2015
Nice I really like the pen case - good price compared to others on the market - Only thing that keeps me from giving it 5 stars is I wish it had a small drawer in the bottom for converters and such January 15, 2015
Perfect My husband has several nice pens and pencils, and never had a nice place to keep them, until this box. It's perfect, looks great on his desk, and lets him see his pen/pencils in all their glory. As with anything we've bought at Levenger, the quality shows! January 5, 2015
Wise Choice The Point of View Pen Case was a wise choice for my husband's Christmas gift. It is regal and a handsome case to store collectible pens. All our family members were quite impressed with the special gift. We were also quite surprised with the speedy delivery. Just in time for the holidays. It will be an investment over the years to come. We were impressed with Levenger's product, which also reflects other products that we will be interested in researching for future gifts. Thank You! January 1, 2015
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