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Swiftnotes 4.7 5 14 14
quality I have had this product before and loved it. After it being stolen from my car I ordered a new one. The old one lasted for years however the pen on the new one leaked within a month. Curious if this happened to anyone else. Still love the product. Lucky for me I had the old pen on me so I use that one. August 15, 2014
Awesome lil notebook! I love this little notebook and it's perfect for a shirt pocket and stylish to boot! The little pen that comes with it expands to a full sized pen and I cannot believe how well it writes for a ballpoint pen! It's incredibly smooth and fluent. The notebook has two pen loops, so it won't flop open, as one loop is sewn to the front cover and the other loop sewn to the back cover. Very clever and useful! The constrast stitching gives it style. The additional replacement pad is.a great touch. This will serve me for many years to come! July 3, 2014
Functional and Well Made I purchased three of these SwiftNotes notepads as teachers' gifts this year. They arrived in lovely boxes with a fabric wrap - very elegant. The notepads are high quality leather and well made. All of the teachers were blown away by these notepads and stated that they will use them daily. I also have one of these in my purse and use it often - it has held up so well. I'm a Levenger fan! June 12, 2014
Great Product! It's small, but I love the quality of the product and how it fits perfect in my purse. April 26, 2014
Beautiful This item is just what I expected. It's the perfect size and beautifully made. March 30, 2014
Handy and sylish I failed retirement and took a part time job to keep me off the streets and out of the pool halls. I needed a notebook that I could keep in my shirt pocket and I wanted something a cut above the usual cardboard and wire. This fit the bill, though it is spendy. It might be too bulky for the small pockets of some dress shirts but fits fine in the larger pockets of casual or "outdoorsy" shirts. The first one I bought met an untimely end in the mouth of my Bloodhound. Rather than kill the dog, who had just a few days before destroyed my Levenger large notebook, I sullenly bought another. Unknown to me, my wife feeling bad about the dog, her dog actually, eating my notebook also bought one for me. So, now I have one for my pocket and one for the car - and neither gets near that dog! My only criticism is that; the pen loop is a bit too soft and flimsy to easily slide the pen into or out of. We'll see how the loop holds up on the one I use every day. March 8, 2014
Perfect Size I wanted a small,compact leather note pad to keep in my car or in my pocket,this notepad was perfect!! It is ways at hand when needed.The leather is soft and the expandable pen is a very nice touch!! I'm sure it will last a lifetime!! February 8, 2014
Handy I ordered a Swiftnotes a few months ago to replace a similar notepad from Lizell. They no longer make that product so I'm giving this one a whirl. This Swiftnotes holds the same size pad and has a more substantial feel. I don't use the pen loop as I prefer to write with fountain pens but it's a right clever option. It slips in my back pocket and is a must to write (or in my case scribble) something when on the phone. At any rate, it's very handy, functional, and a great purchase. January 11, 2014
A durable, well-made constant companion! I have been using my SwiftNotes pad for several years and it has served me well -- great for jotting down notes, shopping lists, etc. The pad is well-constructed and durable and has survived being carried around in my pocket, thrown in my briefcase, etc. (carried everywhere). I have given several as gifts and I always get the same reaction "where did you find something like this, it's great!" and of course I tell them about Levenger! August 2, 2013
Excellent! I am notorious for re-engineering products. I wanted a case for my Droid phone that would keep it readily accessible, yet protect it fully. The dimensions of this case fit my phone perfectly, and it was on sale. I removed the pad, added two Velcro dots in it's place, and my phone is held securely in place. A stylus has replaced the pen, and works well to hold the whole thing together. The only thing missing was a strap, and I managed to find a red wrist strap that I was able to attach with a discretely placed safety pin. May 23, 2013
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