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True Writer Ultra Violet Fountain Pen 4.4 5 10 10
Great purchase I have to admit that I purchased this item for its price. I've tried fountain pens in the past and I found them too cumbersome to use. With this pen however, my faith has been renewed! The pen is great to look at, and though its not as hefty as I thought it would be, its quite fun to use. It ill not be my last purchase. March 11, 2013
Smooth Writing this pen is great - really smooth writing and the ink flows well. The fine point is not as fine as I was expecting, to me it feels more like a medium, but I still love it. :) February 17, 2013
Nice but definitely not perfect The current round of Levenger pens have screw on caps, a feature I despise. I much prefer a smooth grip. The ink vanishes quickly enough that I am not concerned about sealing the nib in a plastic case; I prefer writing comfort. Pens of this type are top heavy and uncomfortable to use, even with a fine nib. What a pity that the silver anniversary pen has the same cap! November 9, 2012
Lovely to look at, finer nib than expected This barrel is gorgeous, with a shimmer that just can't be picked up in photos. It's also lovely paired with the new Shiraz ink color; I guess I'm in a purple phase! Only reason I didn't give a 5 on function is that based on other True Writer reviews, I heard the fine nib actually writes more broad than expected. I enjoy the broader strokes, but was afraid the medium would be too much. I was disappointment to see how narrow the fine nib actually was; wish I'd gone with the medium instead. Will have to wait I can splurge on a next Levenger purchase to change it out. Other than that, I'm thrilled with this purchase. May 17, 2012
Beautiful but... I love all things purple so I was attracted to this pen based on its color. It's a nice size and shape, and it writes smoothly, but I do have a complaint about the clip. It's simply flimsly and easily pushed out of alighnment, even when I have not attached the pen to bulky or thick items. With each use, I am pushing the clip back into place and I constantly worry about it breaking off. April 5, 2012
Should have been so nice... Received the pen as a gift, adding another Levenger to my assortment of beloved fountain pens. The color is lovely but the quality doesn't compare to my other pens. The threading annoying, its construction feels like plastic, and I glued the top in place after it fell off. Even the ink quality seems to have declined; the cartridges empty far too quickly and ink clogs the nib. I'd use bottled ink, but this pen leaks more than Levenger's transparent plastic pens did. Is this the end of quality pens? October 3, 2011
Amazing follow up service I wrote a review yesterday that suggested the True Writer fits a compelling niche -- not as nice in appearance as costlier pens but less expensive to purchase; perhaps not much better in writing function than cheaper pens (e.g., Lamy) but more attractive. Within 12 hours, I had a very kind customer service representative contact me with various options. I reiterated that I wasn't "unhappy" with my purchase and suggested that -- rather than it being a pen that received an A in appearance and a C in value (like more expensive pens) or a pen that received a C in appearance and an A in value (like less expensive pens) -- it fits a "solid B in all categories" niche. That said, the person insistent that I be thrilled with my order and persisted on doing whatever it takes towards that end. THAT, LADIES & GENTLEMEN, IS IMPRESSIVE SERVICE! August 4, 2011
OK but... I'm glad other reviewers have enjoyed their True Writer; and I'm not altogether surprised. It is a fine pen, but nothing (in my opinion) that's truly outstanding. While the color combinations are attractive, the body appears cheap and "plastic" when compared to other quality pens. And if the goal is to offer a nice nib for a relatively nominal sum, it still gets only "mediocre" marks as, say, a Lamy Vista writes at least as smoothly (if not more so) and costs $30 less. In short, "a fine looking and fine writing pen for the money" -- other [more expensive] pens nicer (in appearance, function), other pens (cheaper and more expensive) write as well/better; but this is a solid combination .Putting my own personal assessment aside, it should be noted that the "broad" is VERY broad (not a complaint as i like broad strokes; but it's thicker/bolder/wetter than "broads" by other manufacturers). August 1, 2011
Terrific investment I recently re-discovered fountain pens and purchased several from various vendors. The True-Writer was a pleasant surprise...a great pen at a great price. So many of my recently-purchased pens skip, and to someone writing a lengthy document, this is extremely frustrating. My True Writer fountain pen writes smoothly - no dragging - and the ink is of a superb quality. May 20, 2011
Perfection in a Pen! I have a wardrobe of fountain pens but I consistently return to over and over. I enjoy it as much or more than other pens I have invested in. The weight & overall design fits perfectly, the Nib is smooth & glides across the paper. I enjoy the plethora of ink colors Levenger has to offer so I have ordered another True Writer - in Violet! April 22, 2011
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