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Desk Journal Refill Set of 2 2.8 5 6 6
This paper is like silk There really is a big difference between writing on ordinary supply-store paper and writing on thick, smooth stock like this. Your pen literally glides over the page. I received my beautiful leather journal as a gift, and I love it, but it is the paper inside, this silky-smooth ruled stock, that I appreciate most every time I make a diary entry. I hope Levenger continues to stock these refills forever...paper like this encourages us to continue to write by hand for the pure pleasure of it. January 29, 2013
Please go back to old style with plain pages I wish I would have read the reviews before I told my kids I was running low on my journals and if they must get me a Christmas gift, these would be what I most need. I'm glad only one of them got me a set. I've had my Stanley for 12 years and will now look for other refills to fit in it -- even if i have to get creative and cut their covers to make them work...very disappointed. December 31, 2012
Bring back the old I've stopped using my Stanley Journal/Diary the past few years as the paper just isn't what it use to be. i used up my last order and have switched to a Moleskine which just is not the same. The pages are ruled too wide and the paper is too thin. Please consider revising the refills on this. Thanks. November 27, 2012
Yet another plea for the old fillers I, too, have had my Stanley journal for nearly 20 years, and I live and die by it. I agree that not only are the new lines too fat, but there are not enough pages in the filler. When you last switched I was worried enough that I bought 20 of the light colored cover version, which have now lasted me about 5 or 6 years. These new ones, for all the reasons already mentioned by others, ARE NOT USABLE FOR ME. I do not write particularly large, so bigger lines are not helpful. Why would you possibly decide to take something like fillers and keep changing them without keeping the old ones? You ship direct, not through distribution, so its not like it is a huge problem to have a batch made and keep them on a shelf in your warehouse, even if it turned out that only the few of us that comment actually buy them. There is no spoilage, they take up very little room. If it is a problem with printing a small run of them compared to other products, then raise the price a few dollars, i doubt anyone would care. Make them only available on the web, therefore you have no additional cost to print them in a catalog. I can't see any logical reason for you to drop the old fillers from your product list, as there is virtually no downside risk to Levenger, while the upside of producing them creates continuing loyalty from very happy customers, who all seem to buy them and recommend them as gifts for friends and family. (I, too, regularly am asked about and promote my Levenger Stanley journal). Please bring the old fillers back. I will NOT be ordering more of these current version, and will finally leave my journal behind after all these years if I have to. July 30, 2012
Again? Please bring back the old refills I've had my Stanley Journal since 1997. (The only thing I've had longer than that journal is my husband and he's the one who gave it to me as a gift). I use it every day and have taken it all around the world...I've lost count of the times I've recommended Levenger to people who admired my journal, and have given the Stanley as a gift to other writer friends for years. But I'm afraid I'm going to have to go to something else because Levenger keeps changing the refills. Please bring back the original refills with the light colored cover. There seems to be some kind of acid or something in this black cover that is eating away at the inner lining of my journal and I agree with the other reviewer who thinks the lines are too fat. I don't need page numbers or other fancy things, just the quality paper and the tried and true refills. July 18, 2012
Hate the new line spacing Please please please bring back the old stanley journal refills. I hate the new line spacing on these pages... It's too fat! If you're going to sell a quality product that people purchase and plan on using for a lifetime (i.e. levenger products) then you should plan on continuing to supply the supporting products. What's the point of owning a beautiful journal I love if levenger's going to keep changing/discontinuing the refills? Bring back the originals and keep them!!!! May 25, 2012
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