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Your space, your rules. Set the mood of your room with our dynamic collection of lamps, desks, tables and chairs. Our collection features pieces that complement almost any existing office configuration, with special attention paid to furnishings featuring healthy ergonomics. Work, live, and create better in an environment created by you.

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Carry Floor Lamp

Item: LF0665

Price: $560.00

Carry Table Lamp

Item: LT0950

Price: $460.00

Carry Mini Table Lamp

Item: LT0955

Price: $290.00

Damo Table Lamp

Item: LT0960

Price: $370.00-$430.00

Laito Wood Table Lamp

Item: LT0965

Price: $200.00

Executive Utopia Lounger

Item: FC1770

Price: $2548.00

Sequel Lift Desk, Large

Item: FD0555

Price: $1749.00

Sequel Multi-Function File

Item: FA4315

Price: $1299.00

Corridor Executive Desk

Item: FD0560

Price: $1949.00

Sequel Desk

Item: FD0545

Price: $1199.00

Warington Bookcase

Item: FA4335

Price: $489.00

Corridor Credenza

Item: FA4330

Price: $2424.00

Corridor Multi-Function Cabinet

Item: FA4325

Price: $1849.00

Hide & Seek Side Table

Item: FA4345

Price: $379.00

Magazine Side Table

Item: FA4340

Price: $199.00

Milo Cube Side Table

Item: FA4350

Price: $399.00

Tall Mobile File Pedestal

Item: FA5005

Price: $709.00

Z-Bar Lamp

Item: LD1335

Price: $297.00

Gravy LED Desk Lamp

Item: LD1345

Price: $198.00

Lady 7 Lamp

Item: LD1350

Price: $270.00

Mr. N Lamp

Item: LD1355

Price: $125.00

Horizon LED Light

Item: LD0420

Price: $399.00

Eileen Bookshelf

Item: FB1455

Price: $809.00

Low Mobile File Pedestal

Item: FA5010

Price: $709.00


Item: FD0540

Price: $279.00

Sequel Lift Desk

Item: FD0535

Price: $1499.00


Item: FD0530

Price: $909.00

Quick Stand Lite

Item: FA5015

Price: $599.00

Element Disc Light with Tech Base

Item: LD1325

Price: $489.00

Brooklyn USB LED Light

Item: LD1330

Price: $160.00

Muvman Stool

Item: FC1735

Price: $599.00

Penny Work Table

Item: FC1760

Price: $599.00

TaskTable Convertible Desk, Rectangle

Item: FA4260

Price: $829.00

Leather Freedom Chair w/Headrest

Item: FC1750

Price: $1769.00

Absolute Reading Table Lamp

Item: LD355

Price: $398.00

Diffrient World Chair

Item: FC1725

Price: $819.00-$834.00

Float Desk

Item: FA4255

Price: $1749.00

No-Room-for-a-Table™ Table

Item: FA4080

Price: $199.00

Cubi Desk Bookcase

Item: AD6670

Price: $109.00

Canvas Pyramid Pillow

Item: FA4115

Price: $39.00

Levenger Lap Desk®

Item: FA3045

Price: $69.00


Item: FC1730

Price: $1395.00


Item: FC1730

Price: $1395.00

TaskTable Convertible Desk, Heart

Item: FA4265

Price: $899.00

TaskTable Convertible Desk, Corner

Item: FA4270

Price: $899.00

Ballo Stool

Item: FC1720

Price: $299.00

Swopper Air with Wheels

Item: FC1740

Price: $939.00

Pop Tray Side Table

Item: FA4310

Price: $289.00

Tripod End Table

Item: FA4280

Price: $259.00

Swopper Classic

Item: FC1745

Price: $699.00

Pinpoint Energy-Saving LED Desk Lamp

Item: LD1320

Price: $448.00

Plano Torchière w/ Reading Arm

Item: LF0660

Price: $1598.00

No Place for a Bookcase

Item: FA4295

Price: $289.00

Angled Accent Table

Item: FA4275

Price: $289.00

Tapered End Table

Item: FA4305

Price: $239.00

Chairside Cosmos Lamp

Item: LF0330

Price: $798.00

Geo Nesting Tables (set of 2)

Item: FA4285

Price: $459.00

Double Precision Swing-Arm Floor Lamp

Item: LF0535

Price: $998.00

Absolute Reading Floor Lamp

Item: LF0610

Price: $498.00

Slipcover for BedLounge® Pillow

Item: FA4025

Price: $45.00

Little Star Halogen Floor Lamp

Item: LF0620

Price: $498.00-$523.00

Absolute Swing-Arm Floor Lamp

Item: LF0640

Price: $698.00

BedLounge® Pillow

Item: FA2975

Price: $154.00

Precision Swing-Arm LED Floor Lamp

Item: LF0655

Price: $990.00

Little Star Table Lamp

Item: LT0785

Price: $398.00-$423.00

Bernie Turbo LED Table Lamp

Item: LT0850

Price: $698.00

Pharmacy LED Table Lamp

Item: LT0940

Price: $598.00

TravelFlex Book Light

Item: LB0120

Price: $12.00

Recharge Book Light

Item: LB0150

Price: $30.00

Hammerhead Book Light

Item: LB0155

Price: $16.00

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