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Beautiful, Original design, good function So this is Levenger's newest FP design, and it is commendable for both being lovely to look at and handled and being quite original - not an immediate derivative like many other mid-tier FP models out there. Quality is good but not "wowing": well made, light weight but substantial, thick and medium-large in size and seems sturdy. Metal fittings, nib section and threading seem accurate, there's no "play" in anything. Everything is tight and precision built. The sirface however is not perfectly finished. Close inspection reveals minor inconsistencies in the surface of the barrel section. Looks: Stunning. perhaps theis is the pen's strongest point. The deep plastic colors create a 3-D illusion of swirling forms, and the color is stunning deep red. Regal. The faceted swirling panels form a nicely flowing dynamic form that beyond great looks is comfortable to hold and handle. Nib and writing: the nib is a medium size (no other choices at the moment) steel nib. It lays a consistant line, wet, a bit thick for M some may say. There is little 'play" in terms of line dynamics, the nib is moderately responsive. In short: an original design beautiful pen that writes a thick M and is given to only moderate nib flex or play. Consistent performance can be expected. Looks stunning but has some minor imperfections that make it stop one step short of wonderful. April 12, 2013
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