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Poem for Druthers (Geoff, Phoenix AZ) the choice of a chair for a desk is a puzzle - It must help you in all ways to work, but it also must be at the same time, a couch for your dreams; the Levenger desk chair ("Rumination Station") is something you comfily wear, like a favorite vest - it instinctively moves on command, at the tiniest touch of a hand,the nudge of an elbow, or tail, and wraps you in comfort when all of your projects prevail and hug you with love when they fail, will ease up for thought when an idea sprouts wings, and the mind conjurs things; the Levenger chair for a desk, coolly "R.S.", is certainly one for the books - its sleek greyhound looks have a high back to cradle your head - you slowly recline when you stretch out to ponder, and thoughts start to wander, and you're already there in a nest, with a hidden leg rest and you may start to doze (for, as everyone knows, when you wake from a sleep, the solution is there at the end of your nose); and you snap back to work just as smooth as you please, wirth a single small twitch of your thumb - no ache in your back or twinge in your knees; warm welcome to work and to dream, from the Quality Source (all leather, of course) ________ April 19, 2010
Real Life Dream Come True! I've owned this chair for almost 2 years... And it gets better every day. We bought it when I launched our web business. Clocking serious hours at my desk was killing my neck, back & even my feet. No matter what I did there was no way to stay comfortable for such long periods -often 18 to 20 hours with only brief interruptions. From the minute I sat in this chair I've been nothing BUT comfortable. We also have 3 kids who sometimes decide simultaneously they need to sleep with Mom & Dad... I've actually slept in this chair for a week or more consecutively. The seat is wide enough for me to sit "indian style", yet it's adjustable enough that I can have the foot rest up with the chair under my desk -which is probably my favorite way to work at my desk now! It's also incredibly sturdy; having survived a myriad of attacks by our boys (ages 6 & 11). The arms are solid (again, the boys often sit on them like bar stools to chat with me while I work). Most surprisingly to me is the quality of the seat. I don't know what material is in there, but even with my marathon use 2 yrs later it feels like new. (By this point, any other chair would either conform to my butt or feel like I'm sitting directly on the platform.). I'm about 5'9", my husband is 6' and my daughter is a very willowy 5'6" but we all feel like this chair was made specifically for our body. When we remodelled our home recently I actually fought with our decorator over keeping my chair despite her adament opinion as to how well it coordinates with the rest of the furniture. Yes: $3,000 is a lot to spend on a desk chair, but in this case I truly believe "you get what you pay for". I've owned literally DOZENS of desk chairs, but this is the only one I've ever NEEDED! In fact, I am so certain there is no other chair as perfect as "The Rumination Station" that I bought a second in case mine wears out or they are some day discontinued! Sorry to be so long winded, but it's worth every syllable and cent! November 20, 2011
I love my desk chair I am almost six and a half feet tall, and this chair is just my size. Besides adjusting up and down, and tilting the back, the footrest makes this the best chair I have ever had. The blurb on Levenger's site says you could fall asleep in it. I have. With a neck pillow I can crank back and take a quick nap at my desk (I work at home). On the down side, there is no lumbar support. If there is another generation of this chair, lumbar support would make it perfect. I have a mesh lumbar support that I have added to the chair, and it works swell. This is the most I ever paid for a chair, and it is well worth it. June 27, 2011
Love Mother's Chair I just love my mother's chair. Every time she moves, I just jump right in the chair. Mother ends up sitting on the edge or having to stand until I decide to move. When mother is reclined, I just climb all over her. I love the wide arms and can balance just fine. Mother made this photo of me enjoying the chair. She has not been able to make a photo of her in the chair with me climbing all over her. She does spend way too much time in front of the computer so I have to distract her and when she moves, I jump right in to make sure she takes a break from all her computer work. I guess my Mother may need to get another chair so she can have her own. You know, in our house we felines do rule! June 18, 2010
Awesome & Superb! I received my Rumination Station 2 weeks ago & wanted to delay any comments until I properly felt acustomed the chair. The leather is wonderful, and fits like a glove. I agree with one other onlinie opinion that the Pictures do not accurately depict the chair. The leather is a satin finish and a minimal bubble grain. This in no way detracts from the statement the chair makes nor it's comfort and functionality. I was able to visit the Levenger store to sit in the chair prior to purchasing. IT lives up to every expectation. I may need to discuss getting one for the home. June 2, 2009
Comfortable Seating in Any Position! This chair is so natural and comfortable it is unbelievable! The leather seating is plush and supportive as well as deep cushioned comfort. The mechanics of the recline function is so natural it seems to just work with my bodies anticipations and is nearly effortless. My wife asked: 'Can I have two for my Living Room?" October 22, 2008
Clandestine Relaxation At first it seems like a chair, then you get a little closer and notice it sits quite high. It can go down to the high of other chairs but most will not sit as high as this. It is special, it is a place of thought, a place of business. Put your feet up? With out actually ever crossing that line. The most important thing I can say is stability. This chair was made to last. I purchased over two years ago and it is just as nice as when I first got it. A bargain for chairs in its class. October 4, 2008
Less than I expected An OK chair but at this price I expected better. The reclining mechanism works well and feels sturdy. The leather is dull (unlike in the picture)and fake-looking. The seat is too softly cushioned-at this price I would have hoped for memory foam. The headrest functions strangely with very limited adjustment. The footrest would benefit from another two inches of width. Nowhere near as comfortable as my sadly dead La-Z-Boy reclining desk chair (no longer in production). Assembly was easy except for the armrests which need to be partially peeled for access to a bolt. The only competition for this chair is a smaller chair with a weight restriction for one fifth the price. Because of my large size I passed on that one. Try to catch this one on sale and use a coupon. It's not a bad chair-just not as good as expected. September 23, 2008
Get Out the Johnson's Baby Powder! My Rumination Station came today, and I can't say enough about it. It is the most wonderful chair I have ever had the pleasure to sit in. Actually, it seems a shame to sit in it when it is so beautiful, too. I said to get out your Johnson's because the leather feels like a baby's bottom, and the comfort is better than any sleeping pill I've ever had, and unfortuately, I've had many. I went online immediately and ordered another one, and then I remembered that the arms didn't adjust, so I need to keep that chair as my special writing chair and get a task type chair for my computer...sigh. All I can say, if I were to make any improvements in the chair, it would be to make the arms adjustable so I can have two rather than the one: one for the computer desk and one for my writing desk. Do not hesitate to buy this chair. You will not be sorry and what in the world do you have to lose with a lifetime guarantee! That alone blows me away!! I am so happy with my Rumination Station that I'm getting a bit sleepy, but "I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep." (Frost) I think not. There's much more writing to be done than I had ever dreamed of before! September 16, 2008
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