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Medium Euro Desk 2.3 5 3 3
Really poor quality Most products from Levenger are good. This one is not. The sockets into which the cam lock screws insert were off by a quarter of a turn. These are not adjustable and preclude proper assembly. Also, three of the threaded sockets for the bolts that hold the leg assembly to the top were recessed too far into the wood so that the bolts didn't reach the threads. Several wasted hours of effort as well as repacking everything to ship it back! March 18, 2013
Love the Euro desks Our Euro desk system is 10 years old. We have one large and one medium, and 90-degree angles, with the keyboard tray, a small drawer, and a large one. In addition, we added two sets of cubbies to use for storage in the desktop corner. The sleek design works with the more traditional furniture in the room, and the lighter cherry is lovely. The put-together was so long ago that I can't even remember any problems. The furniture is sturdy and has served us well. It seems to me that a review of the product that has been used for awhile might be helpful, and we will take this furniture even when we downsize. March 15, 2013
Not the Quality I would have Expected I was very dissapointed in this purchase. First off, the tools that come in the box were loose and some were missing. Secondly, the tools themselves were cheap and didn't fit where they should have. Thirdly, the slightest touch on this wood will damage it. I would send it back but I don't want the hassle of returning an item this big and bulky. One good thing I can say is when I called Levenger and asked to speak to a supervisor, she was helpful and offered to cover my shipping costs due to the missing tools. January 25, 2013
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