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my constant companion I work from home and, since owning my Laplander have the luxury of choosing any cozy nook in the house as my daily workspace. I love it! It isn't without flaws - the straps do pop off every now and then, and it isn't as stable as it could be due to the shape of the cushion - however, the pros outweigh the cons. The straps are useful for so many things -- holding the blackberry while on a conference call, keeping pens and paper handy, anchoring the cable for the laptop so it doesn't tug, etc. The desk is such a great help - I write on it, balance my lunch on it, and use it to when burning the midnight oil on a project and have to take the laptop to bed! The natural cherry is beautiful, and has proven to be very durable in the 6 months I have owned the desk. I highly recommend this product! December 14, 2009
Perfect for getting work done while on the couch! I own the Laplander (the one in this ad) and the smaller Laplander that Levenger used to carry. I use both on a regular basis. I use the smaller Laplander for when I'm just using my laptop computer and use the larger one (this one) for when I have my laptop and need to jot down notes or have a book beside the computer. One thing is for sure -- if I don't have the Laplander available, I don't like using my laptop on my lap - the Laplander prevents the laptop from getting too hot on your lap, and also allows the laptop to "breathe" and not overheat. My only complaint is that the pillow can sometimes be too mushy and wish it were made of more stable foam (like the smaller Laplander). Nonetheless, I am very happy with it! August 2, 2013
Bought for daughter, Had to buy another for son Bought this for my daughter who does all her homework sitting in bed. Drives me crazy. Bought this for her for Christmas, and was worried she wouldn't use it. At first, she didn't. So my son started using it. Then, when he was looking for it one day and saying how awesome it was, she became more interested. Then they started fighting over it. They both love it. So, for my son's birthday I bought him the dark cherry version. They are both thrilled. July 15, 2013
Perfect support I have been looking at the laplander for a long time, and finally bought it when it went on sale. I should have bought it a long time ago because it has solved my back problems when I am working on my laptop. I use it when I'm working in bed on my laptop, and it is fantastic. When I have to write something, I just move my laptop over and still have space to take some notes. I use it to prop my kindle fire as well when I am reading so that my head is at a proper angle. Good quality, comfortable, portable, light, and helpful. July 6, 2013
Perfect Microsoft Surface Pro Companion One of the big reviewer gripes from the Surface Pro tablet was the inability to comfortably use it as a "lap"top device. Having just purchased a Surface Pro, I realized I'd like something like this, especially for use in bed, but I was pretty hesitant to get a Laplander since the lap desks I'd used in the past always wobbled, they'd get really hot, whatever was on them would slide if you barely moved, and they were just generally a pain. The small-but-just-right, (removable!) micro-bead-filled pillow underneath settles nicely on my lap without becoming warm. It conforms to my lap, so I can reach over and grab a glass of water without tipping everything onto the floor. The felt on the underside of the Surface Pro's Type Cover provides unbelievable friction with the wood top of the Laplander, so my tablet stays in place and doesn't move unless I want it to. (When using the Laplander with only the tablet, I have to be a little more careful, but it's just because of the lack of friction, not because the base is unstable.) The pen loops are perfect for the stylus that comes with the Surface Pro, as that was another reviewer gripe - when charging the Surface Pro, the stylus doesn't have anything with which to magnetically attach itself, so I can keep it in arm's reach and not worry about losing it. I know Levenger seems like it caters to a mostly Apple-only consumer base, but the Laplander is a perfect companion to the Microsoft Surface Pro. Since owning it, I've branched out and read "real" books on it. It's also useful for having a reference book open while documenting notes, and it's just a really great product. Thanks for making it. June 29, 2013
GREAT LAPDESK I love this lapdesk. It is nice when you are working on something that requires more space. I actually have another smaller laplander that I got from Levenger quite a few years ago that is made very similar but it is smaller. I use this one every day. I think the laplander is very reasonably priced for such a well-made product. I love all of Levenger's products. May 25, 2013
Love the Laplander Laptop fits nicely Or journal, book, and pencil Comfortable bliss! April 9, 2013
I LOVE my Laplander! This is a great product. I needed a stable writing surface while I travel in the car with my husband on our various car trips. It seems as though I was always writing or reading or working on my iPad and needed a little table upon which to hold these items. I complained for a long time saying, "I wish I had a little table that would fit right in my passenger seat space so I could work properly and not drop my things every two seconds." Well, I was casually looking through my Levenger catalog and found the Laplander. It is perfect! It fits perfectly on my lap either in the car or at home. It is well made of very nice wood in a beautiful dark cherry. The underside cushion conforms nicely to my lap and keeps the table very stable. The straps work well to hold papers from sliding around. I use it everywhere. I like, too, the added touch of having my monogram lasered onto the table - it looks very elegant. It's not too expensive and is a good value. If you are in need of this type of table, do yourself a favor and get a Laplander. March 19, 2013
Work Desk My wife loves this Lap Desk ! She is using it to support her work laptop computer while she works. Nice size also for her own 17 inch laptop computer. Thanks Levenger for a smart product. August 17, 2012
Very warped So warped that I have to place my wallet under one corner of my Macbook Pro to level it out and keep it from rocking back & forth while I type. It arrived with perhaps half as much warping, I've taken great care of it but it has only gotten worse over the last year. This might sound petty, but it becomes immensely annoying over time. July 31, 2012
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