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Page Nibs™

Price: $14.00
Two or more (each) $12
Item: AB0290
The inconspicuous bookmark
Our paper-thin Page Nibs mark book pages in a most inconspicuous manner, and their smooth finish is kind to delicate pages. You can move these bookmarks as often as you want or leave them in books permanently, as they won't harm pages.
  • Each point measures just 1/2W x 1H
  • Made of phosphorous bronze
  • Three dozen, in a reusable tin
Page Nibs 4.6 5 25 25
Page Nibs, A Reader's Must Have! I use Page Nibs all the time. I use them to mark pages with significant passages or quotable phrases that are special. When someone asks me why I like a particular book or author I can find the page with the Page Nib on it and read it to them. I also use them to mark pages of how to books (particularly software) when I know I will need to refer to them again in the future. November 10, 2013
Unobtrusive Markers These page holders are high quality, easy to use and unobtrusive. They work very well as long as the book paper is of sufficient weight (As a Bible student, the very thin weight of many reference Bibles make these nibs a little more challenging to use... I am still able to use them, but you have to be very careful putting them on). I love using these page markers! November 9, 2013
Impressive sign here Unusual and impressive looking. Use then to mark your own books or use as an upmarket SIGN HERE marker for clients. Much better than the usual red plastic stick-ons and receives comments about where they can be bought. Careful that you have an extra box to give to important clients if they compliment too much. August 2, 2013
Simple Reusable Page Markers I LOVE these Page Nibs and have used them for years to mark pages in college text books, electrical reference and code books. The copper is easy to use and reshape if they get bent, and they easily come off when you are done with a book, ready for reuse in your next book. I'm on my 4th or 5th tin because some books are just too good to take the markers out of. They look great and draw comments from others all the time. July 6, 2013
Useful but pricey I have been using these for at least 10 years -- very useful. But the price was always high, and recently went up 20%. June 1, 2013
useful but tricky I love the design of these and how light they are. However, I've noticed the grip tends to be tight and unless I am very careful, can tear pages of my paperbacks. I've found it best to carefully remove the page nibs, then carefully put them in place where I need it. No sliding down the page for me, as that would rip the pages of my books. :( They are also a bit pricey. They look fantastic though and I love how they make it easy to mark your place without adding too much bulk. May 12, 2013
nibs are fabulous I missed having the Levenger page points - am I the only one who needs and uses these things - until the nibs appeared. They really come in handy when trying to keep organized and I love the way they are easy to use and move around and/or stay in place. April 27, 2013
These really work! I am an avid reader and I respect all books. I never dogear and often my bookmarks would slip out, so I needed something just like these Page Nibs. I have had my first set I bought some 10 years ago and they still work perfectly. I highly recommend. March 19, 2013
Not as good as the old Page Points For those that have never used this type of product before, these will seem fine, but the Page Points that Levenger used to offer were far superior. They were triangular without strange sharp points on the sides, and they didn't have the annoying brand. PLEASE BRING BACK THE PAGE POINTS, LEVENGER!!! I have been buying old Page Points from ebay whenever they're offered at a reasonable price because I'd far rather have them than these, and wish Levenger would revert to the old style/manufacturers. February 1, 2013
Very useful nibs I have gotten page nibs from Levenger for years and have loved them. They hook over the page and unlike a bookmarker they don't fall out or get lost. The design of thjs new batch of nibs is not as good as the design of those in the past. The little tabs on the top can damage the pages if you are not careful about how you attach them. The quality is wonderful but the design needs some tweeking. January 27, 2013
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