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Favorite Piece of Furniture I use this in my living room with my laptop every day. It is the most functional piece of furniture I've ever purchased. Both my husband and I have one because we used to fight over mine. It also works great as a work surface for almost anything - reading, hand crafts, writing. The uses are endless. We even use ours as snack tables. The legs slide under our club chairs so it can be conveniently close. The fact that is angles works great for laptops. Can't say enought good things about it. December 5, 2009
pretty, realtively functional, but... The lever to raise and lower the table is a bendy plastic (out of keeping with overall classy look and quality) and you have to step on it just right to get the table to come up. (At first I thought it was broken.) Assembly was pretty straightforward but there were no instructions packed with it; the packing slip directs you to the Herman Miller site, but there are no instructions that correspond with this product number. *However,* Levenger customer service came through and emailed instructions. If you don't have a lot of strength in your hands, you'll need either a drill or someone with strong hands: the starter holes for the screws are too small and not deep enough, and one pair of screws is set very close to the stem. I had trouble fully sinking the screws. There is some wobble in the table top because of the stem mechanism for raising, lowering, and tilting it. It slides less well on carpet than on wood. BUT that all said...it *is* pretty nice to sit in my comfy chair and work... Summary: An eagerly awaited product is rather disappointing but may turn out to be useful enough. June 24, 2012
Great table We bought our first scooter many years ago as a keyboard tray and loved it so much that we bought a second seven years ago and are considering a third. Sturdy and reliable! February 8, 2012
Best furniture investment I ever made I bought the scooter with hope that it would fit comfortably around my wheelchair and allow me to use my laptop ergonomically. I have had this for at least 10 years now and I even use it to hold my sewing machine at the right angle. It's the one piece of furniture I would never want to be without. My only reservation is the expense, or I'd have at least one or two more! Thank you Henry Miller and Levenger! You have made my life much easier!! February 5, 2012
A Fair Product After an extensive Internet search, I chose the Scooter on Levenger's web site. After all, Herman Miller has a great rep for office furniture, Levenger is well-know for quality products, and a 20% discount cinched the decision. Scooter assembly was easy albeit a bit scary when we realized instructions were not included. The table top space is attractive and adequate for my 17" ASUS laptop. The look is low-key company executive and it will fit in all but the most contemporary decor. This item slides easily on carpet and wood floors. Functionally, it is doing its job, however, the adjustable neck never locks completely flush inside its housing so there is an annoying table top wobble. This is especially noticeable when using a mouse...it is impossible to rest my hand/wrist on the table top otherwise the whole thing wobbles when the mouse moves. For many applications this may not be a problem, but when I design using Illustrator it is vexing to say the least. Given the price and the manufacturer, I was truly disappointed. I expected the top to sit rigidly in the housing. Not a terrible purchase, but one I would not make again. December 4, 2011
SCOOTER I have owned the scooter laptop table for several years. I have used them both at home and at work. I currently own three. At home I have used it in a variety of chairs, couches of different heights and angles and am able to adjust it to varying heights and angles with ease to suit the best ergoonimic positions. It easily goes low enough for a couch and pulls right up close to you for a natural hand position, even semi-reclined. I have also used it as a TV table and a bedside table when working on paperwork or computer in bed. It is an elegant contemporary solid wood top which is sturdy holding significant weight with no problem. The surface area is generous allowing room for laptop, mouse if desired and paperwork one might be reviewing. At work it has been immensely valuable as I do electronic medical records. I hated working on a computer with my back to the patient and with the scooter I am able to work with my laptop while facing the patient. I have given them a good workout in the work environment over more than 12 years. They still work AND look good as new. I did get the plastic cover to protect the surface in the office environment. The cover is also useful if eating on it or if placing drinks on the surface. I have REALLY enjoyed these and have seen nothing on the market that matches it for these purposes. June 16, 2011
Hard to live without it I bought my Scooter about 15 years ago, and it's been an integral part of my office ever since. I move it around quite a bit and love its adjustability since it allows me to work in an ergonomic position. I've been through a lot of computers and configurations, as well as a few offices, in that time, but the Scooter has always fit in immediately. May 3, 2011
Terrific product -- even better company I originally bought my Scooter Desk a long time ago, and then, for reasons I won't go into, I didn't have an opportunity to use it until a few years ago. Imagine my disappointment to discover that the tilt device was very unreliable. I was bitter about having purchased a "bad product," but then it occurred to me that I ought to at least contact Levenger about the problem. They checked their records and told me that at the time I purchase my Scooter, there had been problems with the tilt control. Soooo, they sent me a brand new Scooter Desk. All they asked was that I put the defective one in the box the new one came in and send it back to them, at their expense. My second Scooter Desk works just as I had hoped it would. It's easily adjustable and adaptable. Right now, I keep two (count 'em, 2) latptops on it -- one 17" MacBook Pro and a more diminutive MacBook Air, and I'm using it to encourage myself to stand up to do more of my work -- yup, it works as a laptop sit-stand desk! Also, I really appreciate the fact that the desk goes so low (~23") at its lowest setting. Because of knew problems, I keep my desk chair low, which makes most work tables uncomfortably high -- but not the Scooter! It's a terrific product that I use and love everyday, and it's offered by a company that honors its commitment to quality and customer care. October 7, 2010
Useful I have little space and no formal desk and so bought the Scooter after perusing the Levenger catalogue and web site. The item assembles easily, delivers considerable working tabletop space and looks reasonably attractive (to me). Functionally, it's very useful thus far, however, the adjustable neck, upon which the desk lid sits never locks completely flush inside its housing in any position by which I mean there's always a little play throughout the unit. This is disappointing given the price, which I find excessive. I would think for the price, it rest inflexibly. Additionally, the little plastic adjustment mechanism under the desk lid, responsible for the lid's tilt, feels cheap and appears fragile. I've had no trouble thus far, but the subtle rocking and the weak-point tilt mechanism both irritate me given the cost. August 30, 2009
Very functional, but not so stylin' I needed something to put my laptop on in the living room - can't seem to work without the TV on. I spent a LOT on this because I trust the Levenger brand and it's customers' reviews. It does exactly what it is supposed to - slides easily on carpet, gets close enough to me in a club chair (I'm 5'4") without feeling like the leg is in my way. It's also sturdy. However, it is not particularly attractive to me - if you have dark wood and black leather then it might blend in, but in my world it is terribly anachonistic. I don't really have a functional comparison to make for it, but I think it was overpriced. Also, mine doesn't go 90 degress level (flat), always at least a 15/20 degree tilt down. August 18, 2009
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