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Book Buggy 3.8 5 5 5
Great item with shortcomigs My Book Buggy arrived just as described. It was well packed and easy to assemble. I put it to immediate use but several days later my housekeeper attempted to it in order vacuum. It instantly collapsed. Upon inspection, it appears the screws used to assemble it are too short and lack adequate bite. I replaced all the screws with slightly longer ones and reassembled using wood glue for extra hold. The Book Buggy is no back to work and stronger than ever. January 23, 2012
Uber-Functional I ordered and used on of these in a previous office and worked it to death. The angled top shelf is perfect for 3-ring binders. They tend to tip over anywhere else. I'm in a different state now and wishin' I had another. As soon as I see room in the budget for one, it's mine! February 11, 2010
Book Trolley I put the trolley together, and it works perfectly - it isn't a library trolley, which are built to be worked 8 hours a day, but this one moves around the room very well - I considered the review where the wheels came off, but if that happened could be just bolted on with a little effort. August 8, 2009
It collapsed This item looked good, fit the space well, was easy to put together, and seemed just the thing to mind my large stack of books and magazines near my easy chair. But about a year after I put it together it collapsed as I tried to move it with books on it. Since it does have casters one would think it could be moved loaded, but, clearly, that's a risky business. Note that I had moved it a short distance several times before without a problem - or so I thought. When I examined it after the collapse I found that several of the assembly screws had pulled loose. You may decide you like the looks enough to buy it anyway - your choice, but I suggest you never, ever move it without completely unloading it first. December 26, 2008
Just like in the library This cart originally caught my eye because it reminded me of the old-fashioned wooden book carts in my college library. I've had mine for five or six years, and have used it for extra bookshelf space, reference materials, etc. It's functional and pretty. Right now, I'm using it because it's dangerous living half a block from the public library... October 22, 2008
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