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Best Lap Desk Ever I recently received this Levenger Lap Desk as a gift from a friend. I instantly fell in love with it! It is very durable yet light enough that you can use it for hours without getting uncomfortable. Whether it's on my lap, my desk, or my bed, my new Lap Desk supports big and small books alike -- and notebooks too! The firmness is perfect - able to be written on comfortably but also pleasant to have in your lap. I will find another use for this product when I get my iPad as well! April 2, 2010
One year and counting My lapreader is the best investment I have made in a long time. I enjoy it for writing notes, reading Bible/books, and iPad. It stays on my sofa ready for the next person to use who needs the perfect place to work. This weekend I handed it to a nephew who was using an iPad. He stopped and examined it thoroughly, and loved it. It is a wonderful product. April 17, 2013
Ended Up Loving It Received it several years ago and was disappointed - seemed rigid, an odd size, and the angle wasn't enough for the way I prefer to view a book. Rediscovered it this summer and it became my constant companion on the porch. Turns out the firmness and angle are perfect for writing and being broader than most lap pillows is excellent for magazines. The pockets are great for always having pencil, paper, and post-its handy. Worked well for iPad too, though agree having more 'grip' would enhance it. November 2, 2012
Decent, could be better For books, this pillow is pretty good. For a tablet, though, I find the angle too low--I need the tablet tipped a bit more to cut glare. And, as others have said, the lip at the base is just not quite enough to really be sure of holding things. It is nice and durable. July 14, 2012
Multi-media wonder I purchased this for my 90+ Dad for Christmas. I'd watched him holding heavy books for extended periods, or trying to hold and type/touch on the iPad, and thought "he needs a lap desk to do the holding so he doesn't have to." He loves using it for his iPad, Kindle, Kindle Fire, and, oh, yeah, those 1000-page hardback histories and biographies he loves to read. As an added bonus, I gave him a couple of "touch" styluses, which make it much easier to "type" on the smaller glass keyboards. April 6, 2012
Love it! I picked this out as a gift for myself. It is great for reading on my iPad. It is also works great with books. The only thing I wonder about is the ledge at the bottom - it feels a bit flimsy. After a month's use, it is still working just fine, however. March 14, 2011
Problem solved! I slipped on the ice and broke my arm, and I'll have a cast for 6-8 weeks. If I hold a book, an iPad, or a notepad using one hand, I have no hand left for note-taking or keyboard. This little lap desk solved my problem. The surface and angle are ideal, and the front panel keeps my gear from slipping off where I can't reach it. Its light weigh, perfect size, and attractive, efficient styling guarantee I'll use it long after I'm out of the cast. March 12, 2011
Absolutely Love My "Lapreader" Lap Desk! This is a lifesaver for a grandma in graduate school. The only thing I would like to see is to have the top surface be out of suade or suadecloth so that the book doesn't slide if you are highlighting. Otherwise it is the greatest invention since the - since the highlighter!!! I can't study without it and I drag it with me wherever I go, since it is so light and portable. I plan to get another one to keep in my car where I often study, since it is so inexpensive. A real treasure for the active reader!!! Thank you, Levenger. December 3, 2010
Trouble As someone else mentioned, the Lapreader is not as high as I needed. I am handicapped and spend hours reading or working on my Craftmatic, using it as a recliner. I had to put up the bottom of the Craftmatic and use pillows to raise the Lapreader up. It kept slipping. I am doing Bible study and journaling with a Study Bible and reference materials. They are heavy so I was hoping the Lapreader would work. After only a few uses, the ridge that is to keep books from coming forward began to collapse. It is no longer capable of holding books. April 30, 2010
nice, but needs more tilt I got this as a gift, and use it daily. It is perfect for my laptop, which I read for many hours each day. I also read books a lot, and while it is OK, I usually put something behind the top of the book to make it higher, the angle is not enough for comfortable reading for me. I like the size, it is not too big and leaves room around it for other things (in my case, my cat). The pockets keep a bookmark handy, and the stop at the bottom is handy, though I worry that it may not hold up over time - we'll have to see. Overall very handy and comfortable to use, much better than the pillow I had been using. January 16, 2010
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