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Bomber Jacket Pen Pocket Briefcase 4.2 5 10 10
Awkward Pros: great leather, houses the heavier note and todo cards, small size, sturdy surface for writing, pocket for multiple card types Mixed: the pocketini pen is a love hate thing, convenient but awkward to use Cons: Maybe for a man's suit shirt this is ideal, but I carry this in my purse where I have room for a compact notebook (or a jotlet which I wish I'd seen instead and am purchasing today). It annoys me to no end that I can't completely insert a card between the top and bottom slot. Perhaps I have too many cards in it but if you can only carry 3 what's the point? I should have stuck with the notebooks that I love, but since there are no nice binders for the compact size I splurged on this when it was on sale. Huge waste of money and I'll never personalize anything again. A rare regret with Levenger. November 24, 2012
High Quality Low Tech "Device" In this world of electronic gadgets, something quick and easy to use - with no training, manuals, batteries to charge, etc. required - can certainly be appreciated. Add to that, good looks and you have the Bomber Jacket Pen Pocket Briefcase. So far, I have purchased three of these: two as gifts and now one for myself. The packaging is impressive, delivery (even with personalization) was very fast, and the quality of the leather and workmanship is evident. The only downside is the price, but then, "you get what you pay for". June 16, 2012
Such a great product! i use a lot and i love it! great job levenger. August 6, 2011
Great Style but shy on utility I bought it to replace my older bomber briefcase and I thought one with pen will be a good choice. However I noticed couple of things with this new briefcase. First it is bit shorter in length. This makes the case fat if you put few cards (I normally have 10-12) extra and causes the platform NOT to stay flat. The other problem I have is with pen in the loop in the back, the pen pocket makes the case too tight as well hence you can't keep lot of cards like the older case I had. I thought there would be break-in time for this and the case will become flatter and comfortable eventually, but I have had it for some time now and it still is very stiff to write. This is disappointing since the idea is right, but execution is not so. I am thinking of calling Levenger and exchanging for the regular Bomber pocket briefcase. March 5, 2011
Love this pocket briefcase! I use this pocket briefcase as my primary capture tool, and never leave home without it. I use it to write down ideas, questions, tasks, notes, reminders .... you get the idea. I use it throughout the day and then organize my notes into my "Home Base" (my Bomber Jacket Circa Junior). Opinions/reviews vary regarding the Pocketini Pen. I like it, but I use a Cross Classic Century (Classic Black) that I've been using for a long time. It's only a hair wider and a tad longer than the Pocketini, but works nicely. I definitely prefer the Bomber Jacket leather over the regular smooth-grain leather. Nice work Levenger! February 21, 2009
The Bomb! First off, I love the look and feel of the Bomber leather and lining and am perfectly pleased yet again with another Levenger product!! This handy gizmo fits nicely in my St. Tropez Leather Pouch (that I also adore) but can easily be the only thing I take into a store with me since it holds dollar bills, credit cards, discount cards, coupons, errand/shopping lists that I cross off as I go, and pen. Speaking of the pen…I wasn’t sure if I was going to like the pen given it’s 4 sided design, but it is awesome--much better than I anticipated! Again, nice work Levenger! October 13, 2008
Bomber Pocket Briefcase I have other leather products from Levenger, but this one is my favorite. The leather is durable and supple. The perfect size to take anywhere. Every time I use it to take some notes, everyone asks where I got such a beautiful note pad. February 29, 2008
Quality Useful Product This my second pocket briefcase purchase. A most useful shirt pocket or hand carry notepad/pen depending on your attire. I really like the bomber jacket pebble finish, matches my bomber jacket zippered briefcase perfectly. It looks very stylish together. I own many Levenger products from pens, cases, to furniture and recommend any of their products to my friends. Levenger simply means its a quality product. A long time happy customer-JW February 1, 2008
Really Like It This was an extravagent purchase--but worth it! The bomber jacket leather is very soft. The number of pockets are handy for organizing my notes. The quality is excellent-I didn't expect much from the pen, but it turns out it is good quality and sturdy, though a bit uncomfortable to use. I will definately be purchasing other bomber jacket products...already its obvious that the leather will wear well with time. February 1, 2008
Hits the target! A functional, stylish, well-made product that should see years of use. Great for jotting down and organising notes on the hoof. The leather is awesome and puts my flying jacket to shame! January 30, 2008
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