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Franklin Library Desk Stand 4.6 5 27 27
Laptop Work Desk Purchased this stand a year ago and have sat at my desk only a very limited amount. I've set my laptop on the surface and the mouse to the right. The raised edge at the bottom is sufficient to keep either from sliding off the desk surface. That said, the ergonomics of this set-up are not perfect and could lead to carpal-tunnel symptoms (anyone over 5'-10" may think the stand is too short for the this set up). To get around this, I've placed a small notebook under the front of the laptop (as a wedge) to make the keyboard a bit more level and the same for under the keyboard. While this may not be appealing to the eye, it is very functional and - a year later - proves to work. My colleagues rarely see me sitting and are envious! April 23, 2012
Great product, poor tools I love it, don't get me wrong. But when it arrived, the legs were mislabeled, which meant that I had to take off the left rear leg after I had turned the bolt down on the lock washer. The supplied screwdriver is grossly inadequate. It is at least one Philips size too small, and chewed up the bolt head as I tried to dismantle the mislabeled leg. Furthermore, the supplied screwdriver is not long enough, and putting on the rear legs is difficult because of the angle one must attack the bolt head. MY ADVICE: Buy it. It's beautiful and does what it's supposed to do...BUT break out several longer, bigger Philips screwdrivers and use them. Also, don't trust the labeling of the legs. They are side and corner specific. February 11, 2012
Worth the money The stand was excellently wrapped. All parts were fully protected by thick styrofoam. There was nothing missing. The instuctions are too sparse. If one isn't familiar with assembling these types of dis-assembled prodcts, you could be in for a challenge. It took me about an hour, and I had to figure the process out, step by step. However, when assembled, the stand is exactly as pictured. It is solidly constructed, heavy (about 40 lbs), functional as either a standing desk or a book stand, and it looks good. January 5, 2012
Lovely piece challenge to construct I agree with most other comments: the bookstand is a lovely piece but a challenge to set up. Happily all hardware was included (although drawer pull was floating around in desk drawer) & the holes were drilled in all the correct places. Glad that pieces were numbered in accordance with instructions, but the fact that legs were numbered incorrectly led to some confusion. Major challenge is that "everything has to be constructed before anything can be constructed." It is quite difficult -- working solo -- to get the pull drawer inserted appropriately. I managed to do it with quite a lot of effort, but it left some (minor) scuff marks on the top of the pull drawer and I wasn't able to bolt the pull drawer to the body of the piece. Not an operational problem because the drawer sits on ledges cut out of the legs, so I'm confident it will be stable, but it would add to the overall stability of the piece if the drawer were pegged and bolted in as the instructions require. Given mis-direction and confusion it took me about 90 minutes to construct. The lack of step-by-step instructions, particularly with respect to the tricker aspects of construction, is something that Levenger should address. Once constructed the piece is lovely and my kid and I have enjoyed having a good display space for our over-sized world atlas. October 3, 2011
SUPERIOR Dictionary Stand I chose the Franklin Dictionary Stand based on its looks first, and second on the reviews that were posted. Many people stated that the stand was very beautiful, but hard to put together. I found it to be 100% the opposite. I carefully read the instructions thoroughly first, then sat down and put it together with NO problem WHATSOEVER. It is sturdy, beautiful, and an overall excellent choice if you want a dictionary stand. I highly recommend it to anyone! Quite happy with mine!!!!! Just read the instructions first and you will not have any problems at all. Those that did have problems most likely didn't do that. July 28, 2011
nice piece of furniture I use this entirely as a standing desk, and it works well for me (which was not entirely expected because I am 6" 3").. The construction is very sturdy, but beware that the dark finish model really shows chips to its finish. If there is ever a redesign, I would eliminate the little circular niche for the magnifier (in this day of online dictionaries I would bet most buyers do not use these as dictionary stands, and don't use the magnifier). The assembly directions are definitely obtuse. July 9, 2011
A fine product, but not as pictured I received the Franklin Desk today, and managed to get it built. My only concern is that the ledge show in the photographs is different on the model I received, which is not level, but instead slopes slightly toward the front. I wouldn't feel very confident putting a cup of coffee on it, but it still is fine for resting almost anything else. June 18, 2011
Exquisite I am extremely pleased with this product. The product is solid and sturdy, functional and beautiful. I usually prefer solid wood, but this laminate is nearly indistinguishable. It makes our home library look so elegant without being pompous. The height and other dimensions are perfect. I use it to hold an open extra large atlas so my family can access it easily and learn geography more readily. It accommodates the atlas wonderfully. Yes, the directions are a bit confusing, but it sounds like Levenger is addressing this issue. In fact, I damaged one piece, and was sent another one. Customer service was exquisite as well. This is a rare company indeed and has earned my admiration. March 16, 2011
Outstanding Stand This dictionary stand is awesome. I could not find another one of this caliber in this price range. When it went on sale I jumped to buy it. Fortunately, reviewers had mentioned difficulties with assembling so I knew just what to look for and my assembly went smoothly and quickly--even with the "help" of my 5 year old. I love the attention to detail--the leather lined drawer and the inclusion of the dome magnifier. Overall, it is very sturdy and a beautiful piece of furniture. I am very pleased with this product and highly recommend it. March 4, 2011
Takes a mechanic to assemble I have ordered many items from Levenger and have been impressed with their quality. Not this one. Here's what I got: - Chipped veneer - Included screw driver too long to fit into the pocket where the rear screws go (luckly I had a stubby one of my own) and not robust enough for the other terribly-aligned screws - Front leg that had to be hammered - hard - into place - Front screws so badly aligned that I had to get a high-quality hard screw driver and put all of my weight (190 lbs) into it to drive them into place Don't buy this if you are not ready to teach your children some new words. November 14, 2010
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