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Tibet Almond Stick 4.5 5 8 8
One of those "best-kept secrets" I figured I'd try this product since it's so inexpensive anyway, and I can't believe how well it works -- I just rub it on a scratch on any of my wood furniture, and it makes the scratch invisible. Even "wide" scratches. I'm surprised Levenger doesn't charge more money for this thing, to be honest...! The only quirk is that it doesn't come with any instructions, so if you buy it, just be sure you remove the outer plastic wrap and *leave on* the inner wrap, and rub either end of the stick on your furniture. There's some sort of protective gauze on both ends and a crayon-like wrapping around the body of the stick, so be sure to leave those intact. Highly recommended! May 18, 2009
works like a charm! I very rarely review items but I had to review this one because I was so pleasantly surprised that it actually worked! I have tried many similar products that appear to work when first applied but the results fade once they "dry" within a day or two. I used the Tibet Almond Stick on two coffee tables- one was about 10 years old and has attracted water rings like crazy any time someone put their glass down for a second without a coaster- one treatment and the table has looked brand new again for the last 2 weeks! The second table is about 15 years old and has been destroyed by kids and our dog chewed the legs as a puppy but we don't want to replace it until it our kids are older. I can't believe how much nicer and totally presentable it looks now! Even the chew marks on the legs aren't as noticeable. The best part is that this was all for $5!! February 17, 2014
Superb for Furniture Scratches/Spots This Almond Stick lives up to its reputation! Instantly removes white spots and small scratches on any unbleached wooden surface within - in seconds, and without any mess. I've used it on tables, chairs, and doors. Highly recommended for the household tool chest! September 1, 2013
This is awesome. I have some beautiful Levenger cases i bought several years ago. From several moves, they had some unsightly scratches. i could hardly wait to try this out and am so delighted to say, it really works. I am just sorry i didn't know about this years ago! July 24, 2013
Pleased Antiques Owner I own several high end antiques and was absolutely amazed at how this product made surface scratches literally disappear. As advertised, it will not work on deeper gouges but it works on minor scratches. You won't believe your eyes! I used it on different finishes and surfaces; it even worked on my scratched maple hard wood floors. This product is an incredible bargain for the price. It leaves an oil trace behind, but I simply rubbed the oil into the furniture or floor and it absorbs well. March 14, 2011
Didn't work for me I was hopfull this product would remove scratches on my kitchen table (surface scratches, not deep). It's a brand new table that was scratches when I put a crate on it. The product didn't work, I don't see where it really did anything at all. I was very disappointed. November 6, 2009
Very Good I was very much surprised of how it worked on the scratches that i had on my furniture. February 1, 2008
Really works! I was dubious at first, but pleasantly surprised that it actually works! October 20, 2007
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