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If you're looking for a unique, beautiful and expertly crafted Mother's Day gift she'll use and enjoy for years to come, you've come to right place. Shop our comprehensive Mother's Day Gift Guide for a special gift that Mom is sure to appreciate.

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St. Tropez Tote in Blush

Item: AL14015

Price: $199.00

Blair Expandable Briefbag

Item: AL14020

Price: $359.00

Blossom Tote and Pouch

Item: AM2690

Price: $115.00

Shores Tote and Pouch

Item: AM2695

Price: $69.00

Ivy Tote

Item: AL14070

Price: $299.00

Madison Bucket Bag

Item: AL13930

Price: $369.00

Blair Briefbag

Item: AL14025

Price: $259.00

Softolio 2.0

Item: AL13520

Price: $129.00-$149.00

Carrie Convertible Clutch

Item: AL13925

Price: $139.00

Carrie Cash and Card Travel Wallet

Item: AL13915

Price: $79.00

Circa Leather Foldover Notebook, Ivory

Item: AL13970

Price: $79.00-$99.00

Cabana Shores Tote and Pouch

Item: AM2700

Price: $79.00

Amelie Floral Note Pad

Item: ADS9315

Price: $20.00

Geofabulous Note Pad

Item: ADS9330

Price: $20.00

Amelie Floral Stationery Set

Item: ADS9310

Price: $40.00

Geofabulous Stationery Set

Item: ADS9325

Price: $49.00

Geofabulous Office Set

Item: ADS9320

Price: $49.00

Carrie Coin and Card Wallet

Item: AL13920

Price: $59.00

True Writer® Royal Ballpoint

Item: AP14018

Price: $69.00

True Writer® Royal Rollerball

Item: AP14015

Price: $79.00

True Writer® Royal Fountain Pen

Item: AP14010

Price: $89.00

Walletini Pen

Item: AP3048

Price: $35.00

RFID Travel Wallet with Walletini Pen

Item: AL13170

Price: $99.00

Bomber Jacket Ambi-Flex Folio

Item: AL13455

Price: $149.00-$169.00

Cordova Ambi-Flex Folio

Item: AL13460

Price: $149.00-$169.00

Ambi-Flex Folio

Item: AL13515

Price: $149.00-$169.00

True Writer® Slim Gemstone Ballpoint

Item: AP14238

Price: $59.00

Tusting Cardington Handbag

Item: AL13745

Price: $269.00

Tusting Coco

Item: AL13895

Price: $309.00

Tusting Ashton Tote

Item: AL13740

Price: $359.00

London Square Jewelry Box

Item: AD7760

Price: $155.00

Caroline Large Jewelry Box

Item: AD7780

Price: $355.00

Cordova Stanley Journal

Item: AL13200

Price: $89.00

Stanley Journal Refills (set of 2)

Item: ADS8535

Price: $24.00

Uptown Reversible Tote

Item: AL13490

Price: $299.00

Downtown Crossbody

Item: AL13495

Price: $139.00

Uptown Reversible Tote and Downtown Crossbody

Item: AL13500

Price: $438.00 Now $399.00

Caran D’Ache 849 Pop Dots Ballpoint

Item: AP14098

Price: $30.00

International Pocket Briefcase®

Item: AL5960

Price: $69.00

Shirt Pocket Briefcase®

Item: AL5945

Price: $49.00

Tyler Folio

Item: AL8775

Price: $149.00

Cordova Tyler Folio

Item: AL13130

Price: $149.00

Bomber Jacket Tyler Folio

Item: AL7455

Price: $149.00

RFID Passcase

Item: AL13020

Price: $39.00

RFID Passport Sleeve

Item: AL13015

Price: $49.00

Kriss Kross Traveler

Item: AL13660

Price: $189.00

RFID Travel Wallet

Item: AL13010

Price: $79.00

RFID Travel Wallet & Passcase

Item: AL13025

Price: $99.00

Going Out Wristlet

Item: AL13355

Price: $139.00

The Executive Ensemble

Item: AL13290

Price: $200.00 Now $159.00

True Writer® Classic Ballpoint

Item: AP14048

Price: $59.00

True Writer® Classic Rollerball

Item: AP14045

Price: $69.00

True Writer® Classic Fountain Pen

Item: AP14040

Price: $79.00

Pocquettes™ Earbud Holder

Item: AL10475

Price: $19.00

Accordion Wallet

Item: AL10510

Price: $99.00

L-Tech 3.0 Ballpoint

Item: AP12648

Price: $79.00

L-Tech 3.0 Rollerball

Item: AP12645

Price: $89.00

L-Tech 3.0 Fountain Pen

Item: AP12640

Price: $99.00

Luxe Notebook

Item: ADS9150

Price: $32.00-$38.00

Family Traditions Journal

Item: ADS9280

Price: $18.94

Sprout Table Clock

Item: AD8185

Price: $99.00

HiRise 2 Deluxe

Item: AD7905

Price: $60.00

St. Tropez Leather Tote Bag

Item: AL8790

Price: $199.00

St. Tropez Leather Pouch

Item: AL8795

Price: $49.00

St. Tropez Leather Tote Bag and Pouch

Item: AL8800

Price: $225.00 Now $215.00

True Writer® Indigo Ballpoint

Item: AP14418

Price: $69.00

True Writer® Indigo Rollerball

Item: AP14415

Price: $79.00

Marley Teardrop Multi-Zip Backpack

Item: AL0260

Price: $139.00

Audrey Briefbag

Item: AL13655

Price: $349.00 Now $299.00

Marina Circa Leather Foldover Notebook

Item: AL13905

Price: $49.00-$65.00

Marina Accordion Wallet

Item: AL13965

Price: $109.00

Marina Card Wallet

Item: AL13955

Price: $49.00

Marina Earbud Holder

Item: AL13945

Price: $19.00

Marina Passport Jacket

Item: AL13950

Price: $49.00

Marina Checkbook Cover

Item: AL13960

Price: $69.00

Marina Circa Zip Pro Folio

Item: AL13910

Price: $65.00-$75.00

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