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Galaxy Stars Ballpoint 4 5 1 1
Aesthetically pleasing, functionally difficult I own several Levenger pens, and in my opinion their best quality is their appearance. This pen, the Galaxy Stars ballpoint, follows suit in this area. It is visually stunning, without a doubt. This, from my perspective, is its most praiseworthy characteristic. Looking past this area, however, one must address the functionality of the pen, and in this regard it is marred by one fact in particular: it is noticeably, undeniably heavy. Levenger pen fans will likely respond to this observation with the fact that most Levegner pens are heavy, and I fully agree with this. Let me rephrase, then: this pen is noticeably, undeniably heavier than any other Levenger pen I own. While certainly not a fatal flaw, this fact does limit the usefulness of the pen, according to my own taste. In summary, I'll be keeping the Galaxy Stars ballpoint, but will likely reserve it for short, lively treks across paper rather than lengthy penning. Would I recommend this pen to a friend? Probably not, as I know very few people who would willingly tolerate discomfort in writing in lieu of aesthetic satisfaction. August 2, 2012
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