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Galileo’s Spyglass Bookend

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Galileo’s spyglass: all the stars aligned
Galileo had his telescope to thank for providing the proof he needed for his theory about the heavens. On our bookend, the stars are depicted just as Galileo saw them through his telescope and then recorded them for his book The Starry Messenger. On the reverse side of the stars is the story of The Starry Messenger, plus more of Galileo’s stars. Along the front of the bookend is Galileo’s pronouncement from the book that, “Having dismissed earthly things, I applied myself to explorations of the heavens.”
  • Based on the stars as shown in the rare Library of Congress edition of Galileo’s The Starry Messenger
  • Polyresin in a bronze finish
  • 5 3/8W x 4 5/8D x 5 5/8H
  • 5 pounds
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