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More Words That Make a Difference eBook

Price: $10.00
Item: EB0105
You can download our popular word book onto your iPad and other e-readers right now*
Available exclusively from Levenger, the More Words That Make a Difference eBook works with a variety of e-readers and other digital devices. Our eBook uses the popular epub format. This means you can download it onto the...
  • iPad, iPhone, Nook, Sony Reader and several other devices(Sorry, the Kindle doesn't support this format.)
  • You can also enjoy this eBook right on your PC or Mac using the free Adobe Digital Editions
  • Enjoy More Words even more as an eBook
  • Here's your chance to own the vocabulary book that's also a treasury of some of the best writing in America. Every word features its use in a passage from The Atlantic Monthly. Among the writers: Emerson, Thoreau, Twain, Studs Terkel, Edith Wharton, Carl Sandburg, Simon Winchester and P.J. O'Rourke. You not only learn words such as deliquesce, farrago, puissant and tranche. You learn how to use them like a pro.
  • Touch any of the 1,306 words in the index and go immediately to that page in the book. If your e-reader supports color, you can enjoy the book in its crisp blue and white presentation.
  • Know any students taking the SATs? This eBook could help them
  • Co-author Robert Greenman, a longtime teacher, reports that many of these words show up frequently on the SAT exams. Here's a way to learn them and remember them. Our affordable price makes More Words an ideal investment for both high school and college students.
  • *One download onto your PC or Mac is available as soon as you've purchased the eBook.(If you use an iPad or iPhone, download to iTunes from your PC or Mac, then sync with your device.) Need help? Contact us at Cservice@levenger.com, or 800-667-8034.
  • Before you order, we want you to know...Since our eBook file is designed for use on a number of different devices, we're not able to retrieve your eBook once it's up and running on your device. Because of this, eBooks are not returnable. But we don't think you'll be disappointed—more than 5,000 customers have already found More Words That Make a Difference a great read!
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More Words That Make a Difference eBook 5 5 9 9
Excellent Resource A great combination of history and language. I enjoy every entry even if the word is already common in my vocabulary. This was a perfect start to Levenger's ebooks - looking forward to addition offerings in this format. February 5, 2011
GReat book for writers Informative, off-beat, and an always enjoyable read, Bob and Carol Greenman's "More Words that Make a Difference" belongs on every writer's, and every writing teacher's, desk. Whenever I pick it up, I feel inspired to punch up my prose with fresh words we don't run into every day. January 30, 2011
Valuable resource As a lover of the English language, I was delighted with Bob and Carol's book which is rich in beautiful, lively prose. Calling the entries "vocabulary words" sounds like a dry exercise in English class. To the contrary, the excerpts selected to show these words' use are compellingly written with action, description and character. In many cases I wish I could read the rest of the story in which they appeared. And I love that some of them are from more than 100 years ago. I look forward to getting this in the downloadable format. January 18, 2011
The ideal gift Robert and Carol Greenman apparently love the written word, and have written a captivating book that highlights the craft. While the word choices will build your vocabulary, what's more intriguing are the passages that contain these words. It's a real pleasure to read the writing of literary giants such as Virginia Woolf, Mark Twain, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Carl Sandburg, and so many others. This is so much more than a "vocabulary" book -- it's a collection of some of the most thought-provoking passages I've read in years. This book is the ideal gift for educators, college students, and all those who value and appreciate good writing. It was a pleasure to read. May 14, 2009
Incredibly fun reading, great gift! You will fall in love with the Atlantic after reading Bob Greenman's introduction, and appreciate it more and more as you read the passages in this book. What a brilliant way to enhance vocabulary while catching glimpses of history, culture, politics, etc. This book is a totally enjoyable experience on so many levels, and will appeal to such a wide range of readers. It's also a perfect holiday gift! November 17, 2008
more words that make a difference what a sleeper! it's a must (a great present) for folks interested in literature and history. written with lots of tender loving care. November 15, 2008
Words That Make a Difference Love this book! Not only introduces fresh nuances to familiar words, and fully acquaint reader with more exotic ones via use-in-context by expert writers -- but can be picked up and enjoyed for anything from a few seconds, to hours at a time! This makes it very user - friendly. Very glad I went for it! January 15, 2008
A Remarkable Resource Word lovers are in for a treat with Robert and Carol Greenman's "More Words That Make A Difference, With Three Centuries of Timely Passages From The Atlantic Monthly." Whether the reader wants to build vocabulary, recall America's rich cultural history, or explore the work of journalists through the ages, this book provides the means for doing so. I loved learning from the book that Ralph Waldo Emerson used the word dupe in 1857, for instance, and I was saddened when I read a quote from The Atlantic Monthly's editor Michael Kelly, the first American journalist killed in the Iraqi conflict, who wrote in 2003 this ironic phrase as he prepared to embark with 500 journalists embedded with the troops, "On the whole, I'd say, the phoniness quotient is down this time. We are spared, at least, much of the death-and-destruction-and-quagmire talk that preceded the last conflict here." Whether it will be used as an historical reference, an opportunity to build your word power, or as an interesting way to gain knowledge while enjoying some of the best writing ever recorded, "Words That Make a Difference" is sure to make a difference to those who have the opportunity to read it! November 21, 2007
appendages This book and the previous edition, along with a flip dictionary, are the within-reach appendages I use to locate that special word when needed. Thank you for making these references available. October 17, 2007
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