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3x5 To Do Cards (Set of 100)

Price: $9.00
Item: ADS6790
Achieve your to-do lists the 3 x 5 card way
This 3 x 5 card refill offers ruled lines for your to-dos and tasks, and a place to check them off as you complete them. Includes 100 index cards.
  • Printed on both sides
  • Set of 100 Things To Do format includes checkboxes for completed tasks
  • Vertical format
  • Thick, durable 250 gsm white card stock
  • 3 x 5 index card size
  • Ideal for use in our Shirt Pocket Briefcase (available separately)
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Write Small but Organizes Tasks Well Except for the fact that the lines are close together and entering tasks with a broad tipped fountain pen requires some dexterity, if you have an endless "to do" list, this is a wonderful way to note progress (or the lack thereof). I constantly lost lists of errands/tasks that were written on regular paper/post-its, but these more sturdy cards resist being misplaced, and you can check off your accomplishments. Being a most unorganized person (and a pack rat), these are a great help. June 19, 2014
Pocket Size Note Cards I have used this product daily. I had been looking for this type of card for some time when I came to your web site. They are ideal for my purposes. I check my accounts daily and keep abailable credit and payment information on the cards. I use them for keeping track of doctor appointments also. They are great for items needed at the grocery store also. I particularly like the three columns on the card and both sides being able to be used. They are of a quality that is not usually found in other cards I have seen like this in the past. I was so impressed that I ordered two sets. Keep up the good work with your products. June 19, 2014
Simple and useful No more slips of paper with reminders, sticky notes posted everywhere. The to do cards a simple way of keeping your lists in one place. Lovely card stock and enough space between lines to make your lists. March 8, 2014
Should have made this purchase years ago! I've long loved making to-do lists, and having the satisfaction of checking things off. I've tried dozens of variations..... but this is the best version ever. The high quality of the cards means I can carry it everywhere and it holds up, ink doesn't smear or soak through, and my lists stay short and neat. (I have work on the front and personal on the back). My only question is - why did I "think" I didn't need these sooner? They make life so much easier, and I love them much more than I thought I would. I'll be reordering! November 24, 2013
High-Quality and Very Satisfying You might be saying to yourself, do I need to pay $9 for what is essentially a pack of index cards? The answer is YES. The paper quality is great, the design is perfect and unassuming, and the cards are double-sided, effectively giving you 200 cards. No mere index card can recreate the satisfaction of checking off one of these boxes when a task is done. A few free ones came with a bag I ordered, and I instantly became a devotee! October 7, 2013
Convenient and Functional Cards These “Things To Do” 3x5 cards are one of my favorite types of 3x5 cards that Levenger carries. The text boxes that are printed on the card are arranged and labeled in such way as to provide an organized format into which one is able to write tasks to be completed. This pre-printed format essentially prevents tasks from getting lost amid an extensive list. There are even small corresponding boxes to the right of the lines allowing the task to be checked off upon completion. These cards are printed vertically, and fit well in all of my folios as well as my Shirt Pocket Briefcase. Also noteworthy is the grams per square meter of these cards. These are nice heavy-weight cards that hold up well with use and the weight is sufficient enough to prevent bleed through of ink. These cards are printed on both sides and both sides can be utilized. I will continue to purchase and use these convenient and functional cards as long as Levenger carries them. July 17, 2013
Not much to say about great cards I wouldn't expect a giant review on such a simple product so I won't write one. I will say the cards are hefty, printed well and they serve their purpose. My only wish would be to have cards available that list to do items on the front and have simple lines on the back for quick note taking during the day. That said their current design works well. October 31, 2012
Favorite 3x5 cards Absolutely love these cards and don't ever want to be without them!!! I've used all the Levenger 3x5 cards, but bar none, these are the best for tracking "to-dos". While I've also tried the other to-do cards from Levenger, I prefer these ones for the additional organizational features inherent in the design. There are individual lines for each task, and a column for prioritizing the items which makes organization automatic and so easy to see at a glance what the status is. Because I can check off items when completed, I can simply look down that column for unchecked boxes to determine what else needs to be done. And being two-sided, one card contains a ton of info. I use these cards for everything from home tasks to work tasks to personal tracking as well. Please don't ever discontinue this product!! :) June 10, 2012
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