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White Washed Pyramid Pillow
  • White Washed Pyramid Pillow
  • White Washed Pyramid Pillow
  • White Washed Pyramid Pillow
  • White Washed Pyramid Pillow
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White-Washed Pyramid Pillow

Price: $39.00 Now $19.95 Save 49%
Item: FA4245
The apex of reading organization in a plush pillow
The handiest pillow you'll ever find, the White-Washed Pyramid Pillow is tapered and topped with a loop, offering surfaces and storage for all sorts of things. Perfectly balanced and filled to remain pliable and prevent collapsing or tipping, the Pyramid Pillow could become your go-to reader’s companion.
  • One side has a rolled edge at the bottom for propping your iPad, e-reader, tablet or book
  • Includes a cleaning cloth for your screen
  • Offers several pockets all around to hold pens, notepads, phone, remote and small journal
  • Slide your reading glasses through the loop to keep them handy
  • Loop can be used to carry it from room to room
  • Excellent for use on your lap, desk or floor
  • Soft canvas with hypoallergenic polyfoam beads inside
  • 10 1/4W x 12 1/4D x 8 3/4H; 8 oz
Whitewashed Pyramid Pillow 4.8 5 13 13
Best night time buddy Absolutely perfect for my night time reading and iPad viewing in bed. Keeps my pen, note cards, glasses, peepers, even my phone in handy pockets so that when I doze off, I don't lose these things if they drop behind the headboard or get lost in the blankets. Plus the pillow is big enough for me to reach over and find it in the middle of the night if the phone rings. Would love to have additional pockets above those already there to hold little things like ear buds, clips, etc. Perfect night time buddy! March 20, 2015
Carpal Tunnel Relief I'm an avid reader so when my carpal tunnel was in overdrive I looked for help. This pyramid fills the bill! It more than handles my kindle and I-pad. Plus the additional bonus of pockets to hold my glasses, pens,moleskin and remotes. What more could you ask for? The filling is less on top in order to adjust the angle of your device for your preference. I enjoy the light weight, and the durability of the fabric. I have no difficulty keeping my devices in place at all. January 14, 2015
Great place to prop my iPad I would get hand cramps from holding my iPad while I was using it. This pillow really is a great help where I am sitting in a chair or while I am in bed. I feel that my iPad is secure when I am using the pillow - I was a great purchase for me. January 11, 2015
Best product for hands-free tablet or book use Lets me use my iPad--as well as smaller books and magazines--totally hands-free lying in bed, on a sofa, on the carpet, or wherever. Also works when seated. Great value for the price. November 22, 2014
Handy Dandy Works great for my nighttime reading. Love the pockets! October 16, 2014
Great to have when recuperating! I purchased this before surgery that was going to keep me in the hospital for several days, and then recuperating for many more weeks. It was great to have my tablet in the hospital (which provided wi-if). The pyramid pillow held it up nicely, but the pockets were very handy for stowing things like, a pad and pen, cell phone, earbuds, etc for easy access! September 15, 2014
Very handy This pyramid pillow is very useful. It is lightweight and the pockets make it easy to keep a pen/pencil and paper close at hand. I like the whitewashed blue color. September 4, 2014
so functional! This does a great job holding my iPad at the correct angle for reading or viewing and even stands up to light typing. As others have said, the fabric is not the most beautiful, but there are other options if that is a concern and for me the price/value was right. My wrists thank me. September 4, 2014
Handy Pillow I wasn't crazy about the fabric but the sale price was good. It is so light eight but handles my Nook and tablet just fine. Love the pockets where I can store a pen/pencil and paper if I need to make a note. So glad I bought it and will give a couple for Christmas gifts. August 29, 2014
Exactly what I needed! I had been looking for a bedside caddy & hadn't seen anything like this. The more I learned about it, the more I wanted to try it. I found the perfect color to match my room on sale & ordered it. I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the box which was arrived much sooner than I expected. If I could change anything about it, I'd like one of the pockets to be deeper. I use it for my iPad, bed control that elevates head & feet, tv remote, a small flashlight, a small bottle of medication, & my glasses. May 29, 2014
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