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Charles Dickens’s Traveling Inkpot Bookend/Penholder

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Item: AD7330
Might Dickens have used an iPad?
Most probably. The only way Charles Dickens could write so prolifically and travel so extensively was to work on the road. Lacking an iPad, he took a traveling inkpot with him, to keep his pen as well-fueled as his brain. We’ve captured the original inkpot in its upright and open position, and made it larger than its pocket size so that it will hold up your books and hold your pen. (Just the kind of multi-tasking Dickens might approve of.) The inkpot was most likely a gift from Dickens’s friend and future biographer John Forster---the “J.F.” on the inscription. Dickens brought the inkpot with him on his U.S. tour in 1867-68. It subsequently made a return trip to America: the original is now housed at the Morgan Library & Museum in New York. Declan Kiely, curator at the Morgan, wrote the story on the inkpot that inspired us to create this bookend. It’s one of the essays featured in our exclusive book Holding Dear: The Value of the Real
  • The original traveling inkpot is housed at the Morgan Library & Museum
  • Inspired by the Morgan curator’s story about the inkpot written for the Levenger Press book Holding Dear: The Value of the Real
  • Resin painted to simulate the wood and metal of the original
  • 5 6/8W x 6D x 6H, holding a pen up to 5/8” in diameter; 2.3 pounds
  • 4 protective rubber feet on the bottom
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