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Levenger Classic Six-Pack of Ink

Price: $78.00
Item: PR0320
Dip into a six-pack of American microbrewed ink, with six classic colors
If you still practice the ancient and satisfying art of writing with a fountain pen, you should be rewarded with ink that more than satisfies. Levenger Bottled Ink is what fountain pen ink should be: smooth and rich, designed to last, formulated to delight.
Our Classic Six-Pack is one of two six packs that give you six different colors of ink: Cardinal Red, Amethyst, Gemstone Green, Raven Black, Cocoa and Cobalt Blue.
Why you'll experience such a satisfying write

Levenger inks resist fading as well as feathering. They are moist on your nib but dry readily on your paper (especially helpful for left-handed writers). They're lightfast and maintain a crisp line without spreading. The even saturation ensures no skipping.
And Levenger inks come in a panoply of colors -- to match your mood, suit the occasion, enliven the page.
Enjoy ink that's American-made and rigorously tested

We brew Levenger ink right here in the U.S. The formula is closely held and conforms to our exacting specifications. As part of our testing, we've asked professional calligraphers to put the inks through their paces.
Levenger inks have also been time-tested by the many customers who have dipped their nibs into a bottle. We've been offering this microbrew since 1998.
Buy your Levenger ink by the six-pack or the bottle

Choose how you wish to color your writing world. If you like the idea of this prepackaged six-pack, check out our other six-pack as well: the Perennial Six Pack. You can also enjoy Levenger Ink in single bottles.
And yes, Levenger fountain pen cartridges contain the same finely formulated ink.
A few tips about the colors of Levenger inks The Raven Black is semi-permanent, and therefore ideal for record-keeping. The other colors are washable.
  • Each bottle, 15 ml (.51 ounce)
  • Glass bottles
  • Inkwell inside the bottles for easier dipping

Dip into a six-pack of American microbrewed ink, with six classic colors
Classic SixPack of Levenger Ink 5 5 21 21
Great Product great product nicely organized. Liked it so much ordered multiples for Christmas gifts. January 4, 2014
Avoiding ink-stained fingers I collect fountain pens - both old and new - and almost all of them use converters, which I prefer to cartridges (which have a lot of waste material compared to the amount of ink delivered. But cartridges do make adding ink a much neater and cleaner process. I have lots of bottled ink from many different companies, and most of them have no "inkwell" feature that makes it easier to load ink with staining your fingers. But these Levenger ink bottles include a plastic insert that makes it easy to load ink even when the bottle is nearly empty. The quality of the ink seems excellent, and I love having a variety of colors to choose from. But I would NOT have bought this set if the bottles weren't so well designed - indeed, I will keep the bottles after they are empty and pour other ink into them. February 19, 2015
Great gift With the holidays here, this assortment of ink is a must. December 11, 2014
Excellent for calligraphy I had decided to restart my old hobby of calligraphy. In an effort to save money, I started with Speedball calligraphy inks. They were completely awful acrylic that didn't flow well and dried too fast on the nib. Then I found an old bottle of ink that I had received as a gift. Watery, bleeding, terrible. THEN I remembered I had a bottle of Levenger ink in amethyst that I had received with a pen purchase. Heaven! No bleeding, great color, great flow, PERFECT ink. I promptly went and bought this six pack. It's spendy, but you do what you have to do for quality. Love it! March 1, 2014
Fantastic This is the best ink for the price around. How can you beat 6 great colors for $72.00. It writes beautifully, dries instantly. What more can I say. November 3, 2013
Six pack-lasting quality I have been a Levenger customer for 20+ years. I have watched the organization grow expotentially. Customer service, product quality, selection and value continue to exceed my expectation in all areas. In this post, the ink's I choose from my fine writing instruments are only Levenger's.. They are the most vibrant in color, free flowing with fast dry time whether in bottle, cartridge or refills! Steve and your team, thanks for caring! God Bless, November 3, 2013
The Best! All of my Levenger inks has worked very well... I tend to match colors with pen colors for dramatic impact... and agree with Fireball that the ink by the same name is surely MISSED! I've been nursuing the 1/2 bottle I have left for the past few years. Also miss Smokey, a nice grey that goes with my olivewood Waterman, a Levenger offering c. 1990, that loks like a small cigar. Try these inks!! April 13, 2012
I have used the color fireball in the past and it became my signature color. I don't see it in the choices of ink colors. Has it been discontinued? If so, what color, if any is the closest? I have to agree with the reviews, the inks are very good quality and hold their color well. I have not had any problems with the nibs clogging and they are easy to clean out of my pens. September 20, 2011
Exceptional Inks These are wonderful! Six years ago I purchased one box of each of these ink collections and they are astonishingly superb. Their clarity and vivdness is fresh now as it was at the time of purchase. The colours are wonderful. I use them for caligraphy, letter writting, college notation, and as an ink wash for modeling. I highly recommend these iunks for any use. With high quality fountain pen, its a dream to write. July 16, 2011
Ink I would drink it...the colors are that beautiful! (But, besides that, they provide myriad pleasures.) April 7, 2010
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