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Essential Shirt Pocket Brief 4.9 5 14 14
Baseball Game Management Tool Levenger sent this pocket briefcase to me as a promotional gift with the order of another item. Otherwise, I would not have discovered it. I am a baseball umpire (high school games). Umpires must keep notes during the game to record courtesy runners, substitutes, player reentries, defensive conferences (only 3 allowed during regular game time), and be prepared to take notes for purposes of an ejection report if necessary (i.e. jersey numbers, names, facts, descriptions, etc.). Umpire equipment stores sell pocket sized note books for game management purposes with a formatted two-sided plastic card used for pencil notations that can be easily erased and reused. This plastic card fits nicely into the Levenger pocket briefcase, and the 3 x 5 lined cards that Levenger provides are perfect for efficiently making unformatted notations. The Levenger pocket briefcase is less bulky than the official note books because it is thinner in design. Therefore, the Levenger pocket briefcase is more easily and swiftly inserted and removed from a back pants pocket or shirt pocket during a baseball game. This eliminates embarrassing delays arising from a struggle to remove or reinsert notes into an umpire's pocket. Finally, this pocket briefcase serves as a great hand held writing surface (like a mini clip board) when notating line up forms submitted by coaches, as well as facilitating coaches' signatures affirming that the players are all legally equipped at the pre-game plate conference. I have found this pocket briefcase indispensable, and carry it with me on the field during every baseball game. June 12, 2014
Great Little Organizer! We find the Pocket Briefcase very convenient. It has added a new depth to functionality. We would recommend a minor addition to the design. Since we use it for extensive notes during floor walks, it would actually be enhanced by a firm insert. It would make notes easier to write when you do not have a firm surface on which to write. Thank you for an amazing product. May 15, 2014
Just what I was looking for I was in the process of getting organized - I needed something portable but professional. I spend about a third of my time at my computer and my company will not allow syncing of our phones with their system - I never found using my phone's task list helpful. The pocket briefcase is professional looking, always handy, and keeps me on task. More convenient than a notepad! April 24, 2014
Get's the job done. Really well designed and simple accessory that helps me keep organized and capture the ideas pouring out. It's also much more compact than most Moleskin like devices and I like that I only carry the cards/paper I want and not legacy notes from earlier dates that are now irrelevant. February 22, 2014
A Great Little Note Holder My husband has had one of these pocket "briefcases" for many years now. Recently, he ran out of note cards, prompting me to order more for him. I took a chance and ordered four more pocket briefcases for gifts (and one for me!). I love it, and I hope the people I give gifts to will enjoy it as well. Each comes with a sufficient number of additional cards to get you started. November 23, 2013
Perfect for law enforcement As a federal law enforcement officer I am usually in a suit and tie. When conducting interviews or taking notes I don't like to carry a pad folio or a notepad, I like to keep my hands free for the obvious reasons. This pocket briefcase is sleek, slim and fits perfectly in a suit jacket or shirt pocket. Great for law enforcement!! September 1, 2013
Where's the pen? This is a great product; bought as a gift, for father's day, that was well received. Only wish: that it came with a pen. June 24, 2013
Cave Man's Blackberry I refer to this product as my Cave Man's Blackberry. Unlike the electronic version, the Essential Pocket Briefcase can survive the laundry and needs no power outlet. I never have to say, "Let me get a piece of paper..." as this item is with me every waking hour. Well made, looks good and fits in the board room or the garage. June 13, 2013
Fantastic Tool I've used this briefcase before, I lost my previous version! It's a fantastic tool, for casual meetings, happy hours, anywhere you are doing business on a social level...almost every time i pull it out I receive a question or comment. Great product! June 9, 2013
Indespensible I bought my first one over five years ago. I carry it with me every day and use it constantly. I discovered one was not enough and now own several. One is always in my purse. One is in my scrubs jacket pocket. One is in my car. I love these so much that I bought them for the doctors I work with. I also buy these for graduates. My husband uses the one I bought for him all the time. May 20, 2013
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