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True Writer Signature Stub Nib Fountain Pen 3.9 5 17 17
Signature Stub Poem - Limerick There once was a woman whose cursive Made her thank you notes seem quite subversive Others she'd wrongly rub Til a Signature Stub Helped her handwriting improve, not worsive. April 14, 2010
Nice Pen... I like this True Writer, but feel it is different enough from the description to mention it in a review. The finish on the pen I got is not as opalescent and gleaming as my other True Writers, and certainly not like the finish of the Kyoto or Sea Glass styles. This one is more understated, black and charcoal with a low-level glimmer in some of the mosaic chips. It's businesslike and beautiful but not as expected from the pictures. The nib on this is more of a fine stub than a medium. If anyone is familiar with the Esterbrook 2314-F, this nib creates about the same line, if a little less dramatic of an effect. In my opinion, this nib is overpriced for what it is, but I certainly can tell the difference between the stub and fine True Writer nibs, where others couldn't. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. September 8, 2012
No Difference from Regular Fine Nib Found no difference between signature nub & fine. July 31, 2012
Not quite as expected From the write-up I expected the snub nib to be somewhere between a regular pen and a calligraphy pen. What I received writes just like a regular fountain pen with no more expression. I could have saved money burying a regular nib. That said, I am pleased with how smoothly it writes. May 5, 2012
True Writer Stub nib Just received my stub nib as well as the True Writer seaglass fountain pen. I found the nib to be very scratchy and not smooth at all. Its too bad, I wouldn't have purchased the pen from the outlet store if I knew that the nib would be so poor. Now I can't return the pen and I am stuck with a nib I don't like. February 21, 2012
Stub This is a superb pen. My favorite in a large collection many of which are much more expensive. Would be nice if it came in colors other than black January 23, 2012
Not best for left-hander The pen itself is beautiful and is of excellent quality. It is not as expressive as I would hope, but that's a result of my being left-handed. If I write/print with my right hand, the pen does a great job. With my left hand, the line is more like a fine or even extra fine nib. Now, if a reverse oblique nib were available, it would be ideal. Overall, though, an excellent value. September 24, 2011
Excellent . . . as always! This is my 13th--yes, 13th--True Writer. I purchased most of my TW's, others were gifts from my children, and I love them all. I also love stub nibs, so I decided to give this one a try; and, as usual, I am not disappointed. The Signature Stub is far more beautiful in person than in the photos. It's not just "black"--it's a lovely mosaic of black and iridescent charcoal grey, the kind of pen I spend almost as much time admiring it as I do writing with it. The nib is wonderfully smooth, lays down a nice wet (but not too wet) line, and provides enough line variation to be interesting; and the converter holds a generous amount of ink. I have pens that cost many times what this (and my other) True Writer costs that don't write as well. Once again, I am a very happy Levenger customer! Thank you, thank you! July 23, 2011
Excellent value I'm writing this as a review of the stub nib. I bought the nib separately and installed it in a Sea Glass True Writer. It's good, although not great. I think a slightly thicker ink would be a huge improvement. I find the ink in the Levenger cartridges to be rather thin and more likely to bleed on the page the other, more robust, inks. April 30, 2011
response to CKcard Hi - I had the same experience and disappointment as you that the cap did not fully screw in. My pen arrived tonight and it's too early for me to fully review the pen -- my first feeling was disappointment because, even though not cheap at $89, it felt cheaply made. CKcard -- I resolved the issue of the cap not closing 100% by holding the nib, which was loose when I used the bottle ink cartridge, and by twisting the body of the fountain pen, it sealed -- then, when I put on the cap and twisted it close -- wahlah ?sp. it sealed properly. No more gap. I didn't like that gap at all. So, that issue has been resolved, at least for me. Try it and see if it works for you as well. I need to try out the pen for a couple of days before I make a final ealuation on it -- will post again later. Take care, slyone April 23, 2011
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