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Ink Filling Station w/Bottles of Ink

Price: $174.00
Item: PR400
Get every drop of ink without getting a drop on your clothes with this refill system for fountain pen ink. The Ink Filling Station lets you fill your fountain pens neatly and without waste.
  • 3 amber-colored glass bottles keep ink color true and hold 90 ml of ink, enough for 80 to 90 fills
  • Vacuum system draws every last drop neatly from the bottom of the bottle
  • Brass collar creates an airtight chamber through which the ink is delivered to your pen
  • Collar can be removed and placed on any of the bottles so you can keep 3 colors of ink at the ready
  • Works with any fountain pen that fills through the nib
  • Includes an adapter for converters
  • Includes 3 bottles of Levenger ink and labels
Shipping Savings
Pens:  Shipping is just $6 for any number of pens or pen stations
Ink Refills:  Cartridges and other refills ship free  (bottled ink is $4)
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