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John F Kennedy His Inaugural Address 5 5 6 6
spendid addition to US history library This is a great companion to ASK NOT (one of the best books on Kennedy's Inaugural Address. Absolutely fascinating detail about the changes made by JFK on the spot and how the speech was created. If you inform yourself you can lay to rest forever the idea that JFK had nothing to do with the speech and Stevenson or Sorenson wrote this speech. They all made suggestions but the magic was almost purely Kennedy's. A great book that will become a permanent part of your library. April 21, 2012
Front Row Seat This book brings the reader into the process of a shift in power and the process of speech writing. The reader has a front row seat at the Kennedy Inaugural minus the freezing temperatures. Very well done Levenger! August 11, 2009
Viewing History What a wonderful glimpse into how recent history comes together. This book outlines the transition of power and the effort that goes into speechmaking. The handwritten, notes and smart manner in which it comes together gives you a front row view at the Kennedy Inauguration. August 11, 2009
Great graduation gift! I purchased this as the gift for one of my law students who had also been choosen by his peers to be the student speaker at commencement. It was very well received. May 21, 2009
A really great book. What I enjoyed most was that it gave me an insight into his thought process. You actually got to see his inaugural address from it's first conception to his speech, with all the different drafts and his personal notes / rewrites in between. I highly recommend it. May 18, 2009
It's almost 3-D A really neat book. The facsimiles stand out so wll, it's like they're 3-dimensional. Levenger did a really nice job on this. I don't remember JFK--I was too young--but I've always been fascinated by him and his time as president. This is a great way to experience his history. May 16, 2009
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