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A Fresh Start with a New System I just started a new job this week and wanted to try a new notetaking system. My research led me to the Circa Action Method Junior size notebook. It has literally changed the way I take paper notes! There is so much new information to absorb, but the notebook has been perfect for organizing and following up on my action steps. I am thrilled and already can see what other add-ons I want. Thank you! September 8, 2013
Get Focused & Organized The Circa Action Method Notebook is a great way to stay organized as a designer. The ability to clearly notate & separate action items from notes and back burner items is something the Action Method makes easy! I highly recommend this for any creative/strategic thinker. July 27, 2013
Great for Startups This product works great on a startup project, where you have so many different categories of to-do list. Each page is a different aspect of launching - ie content, photo's, advertising, marketing, pricing, etc. Highly recommend for project management! July 20, 2013
Action Method Recently I switched jobs and am now a Lean Agile Facilitator (Scrum Master) for a Fortune 100 Company - I was looking for a great notebook not just a good notebook to capture the actionable items within our daily stand ups. With the Circa Action method notebook I have found it extremely easy to call out and highlight the items that require my followup throughout the day. With the colored action sheets and the dot grid sheets I'm able to organize my notes more effectively and not crunch to really remember what I was trying to capture during these sessions. I would recommend this notebook and am considering purchasing the Letter size as well. June 21, 2013
Great Buy I love the size, and the action method is great to use. May 28, 2013
Essential project management notebook A large aspect of my job is event coordination, so the Action Method is great for keeping actionable items/follow ups in the same area as details about the multiple events that are coming up. It's a great way for me to track what I've done and what still needs to be done. I had been using the Action Method online, but they changed their program so that some of the features I relied on disappeared, so these paper notes are that much more utilized. And the Circa notebook is the most convenient way for me to add supplemental documents to my existing Action Method notes. The only downsides I have are: 1. The paper smells bad. I ordered an extra set of Action Method Refills with my original order. The paper smells bad, and I thought that it might get better once I opened the package and let it "air out", but the smell has just contaminated the rest of my notebook. It's a very musty smell... 2. As noted by another reviewer, the colored portion of the action method pages do not hold fountain pen ink. Those are my only 2 complaints. Otherwise, it's an AMAZING product that I will be reordering - it's so helpful to my workflow and efficiency. I've recommended it to so many other people. Great job putting together such a useful notebook. January 30, 2013
Simple, impactful I work in tech marketing and get dozens of new new actions daily - this system works perfectly for this kind of environment . I keep big projects on individual blue pages, misc actions on orange, and each morning write the day's "must do's" on the 3 x 5 cards. Back burners are always full but don't get in the way of important stuff. LOVE the quality of this paper, the colors, and the dot grid. February 19, 2012
Great BUT ... I'm a GTD person but without all of the "contexts" and this is ideal to help me work with that in a paper version. BUT I really wish that you would make circa pages for it for the Junior Circa notebook in addition to the letter to make it possible to carry a smaller version with me. You have the Journal in that size but you have spoiled me with the flexibility of the Circa system. Please give this serious thought ! December 24, 2011
Behance I'm a right brained person in a left brained job. A natural Creative who has to keep conservation and database projects straight, but also needs an outlet for freer thinking. The thing is, anyone needs a good sytem to be effective, but I needed a flexible one. I started using the Behance Action Pad when they first came on the scene a few years ago and cannot get through a day without them. The right side of the sheet is for action items or tasks and the left side is for sketching or meadering thoughts. There is even space set aside for back burner items. The best part? The left side has no lines, just faint dots in a grid formation to ignore or not. I use a sheet for each project I work on, and while the sheet gets messy, the work gets done. I was thrilled to see Behance blended with the flexibility of Circa and ordered 2 notebooks, one for work and one for home. This combination of simplicity and flexibility keeps me productive and on point, yet not stressed and feeling boxed in. If it's on the sheet, my mind is free. My productivity has sped up and my creativity can be captured. If you like the Behance Action Method or the GTD method, give ithese a try. June 27, 2011
The Circa Action Method Notebook is the ultimate organization tool - compressed into a portable notebook you can take anywhere. With Action Method, after every meeting and brainstorm, I can translate my messy, scrawled notes into a list of "action steps," to remind myself what's most important, and what comes next. Now, combined with the flexible Circa features, I can take this organization a step further, moving pages around however I'd like, and customizing to make it my own. April 27, 2011
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