Executive Stanley Journal 3 Refills 3.5 5 2 2
I'd thought it was 3 refills.. Looking for the 3rd refill. Not pleased w/2 refills. April 1, 2014
Quality but not what I expected Purchase was a little stressful due to the fact that there were two items with same description. It appears that the item was changed and I wanted the old item but got the new. Levenger did send the more expensive item to me and only charged me for the older model. This item was of good quality just a little to think and more of a hard back journal as opposed to a more flexible one I expected. Due to Levenger's great return policy I shipped it back and will get a refund, although I did have to pay $11 shipping and insurance. It has always been great doing business with Levenger! I can always count on them to please. January 26, 2014
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