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computer must have I own two of these pads, one for home and work, and have used then for years. It's a wrist rest and note pad in one. I always have people asking me where I got it. The grade of paper is excellent, especially if using a pen with heavier ink. There's no such thing as a paperless work environment, and if the computer crashes, pertinent notes are still available. LOVE THIS! September 20, 2013
keeps me on track! ever get in to work on monday morning and have no idea what you needed to follow up on from last week? i used to. i've had one of these pads in front of my keyboard for over a year. each monday i come in to find a list of things to follow up on in the grid on the left. during the week i make notes in the center and note things to follow up on in the grid on the right. i close out the week by transcribing what's on the right onto the left side of a new sheet... next monday i start all over again. yay! January 24, 2009
Perfect Solution I used to have a corona of sticky notes around the edge of my computer monitor, jotting notes like phone numbers or reference information I would need later. And I would go through at least a couple of pads of sticky notes a week just to jot down notes I only needed briefly. Now this pad sits neatly in the space where my wrist rest used to (and I can rest my wrists on it) and my monitor is sticky-note free. I always have enough space to write more, and I can keep both a running to do list for high-priority items and short-term notations about phone numbers or other information that I cross out when I'm done. I've bought products from Levenger for years, including many that I use regularly, but this is the first time I've ever been motivated to post a review. August 22, 2008
A functional and practical desk assessory I love this pad. I put it below and sometimes under my keyboard. I do a lot of writing and it allows me to jot down quick notes and keep organized with a running to do list that is readily available. I was using the refill with the lines on the left side with the date block. I am sorry to see that was apparently discontinued but the grid pattern should work just fine. July 9, 2008
Very Versitile Used vertically without the blotter, these note pads provide substantial organization for all projects. March 1, 2008
Margin Pads are great These pads fit my needs perfectly. I work with graphic programs & must remember all the settings I used to achieve a certain effect. It fits right below my keyboard & is always handy. February 29, 2008
What a great idea!!!! I love this product. I would recommended it to anyone. Not only does it help me jot down my ideas, but it also helps me put those ideas to good use. As an artist, I need inspiration at a given moment and this product provides me with the opportunity to create and bring to life all my design ideas in one place. I truly love this product. February 29, 2008
Indispensable tool I keep this right below my keyboard and now I never have to scramble hunting something to write on. It looks more polished & professional than ordinary sticky notes. One page holds a lot of notes. I simply scribble out the message when I'm finished with it. This means I can look at my pad and instantly know what I've completed, and what is still pending. I gave one to our nurse and she really likes this pad too. I cannot imagine working without this pad---it is that useful for me. February 8, 2008
Never Lost Pad These pads are awesome. They never get lost on your desk. They work sideways or vertically and have several differently marked areas for a variety of purposes. They take the place of several pages of "to do" lists because they are so long. February 1, 2008
A Really Practical Item This is a really practical item. I have one in front of my computer to jot notes on and one on the side of my desk blotter to note tasks that need to be done. February 1, 2008
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