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Circa smartPlanner Folio 4.7 5 9 9
Professional, stylish and useful I was looking for a professional, stylish and useful smart planner and found it here. I am a new Levenger user and have passed on how wonderful the products are to my family. A great part of my day, keeping me organized and on task. April 9, 2015
Perfect for daily needs I purchased the SmartPlanner folio because I was juggling too many things. A phone, notebook, maybe a computer. The pocket is perfect for keeping the phone secure, and the inside of the folio allows me to store a number of things. In addition to the Circa system, the middle flap also lets me insert a small spiral bound notebook. I've had this for a couple of weeks, and it is not my "go-to" method for taking things from meeting to meeting. One thing I'd like to see added to the inside would be a small (clear) pocket to hold my business card. I hope to not misplace it, but it would be good to have a way to clearly label this so it could be returned to me. March 20, 2015
Great tool for meetings The folio has been very nice to have in some meetings as it is compact, holds the phone and allows for planning/note taking in an orderly manner. January 27, 2015
Very Nice I am a new Levenger customer and this is my first purchase. I have been a longtime customer of another company so this is the first planner I have purchased from a new company. I am pleased with the quality of this product. I agree with other reviews, it is imperative that you buy the "insides" to go with the product, otherwise of course it is useless. I bought, after consultation, both the master agenda and the daily planner pages. My Galaxy S4 phone fits fine in the front as well. I think it will hold up well to my daily wear and tear. I have had other leather planners for many years and I hope this will last as long, It appears that it should. So far I think this planner and this system will work very well for me. I am happy. That says a lot coming from someone who used a different system for more than twenty years. January 15, 2015
Don't forget the notepad Nice folio. It was a bit bulkier than I had expected. I would suggest including the notepad with the purchase. Especially at this price point. I gave this as a gift and it would have been better received ready to go. January 5, 2015
Professional looking and functional I wanted I professional journal for work that also held my current Circa planner. The quality is great. The magnets are strong, and keep the binder securely closed even when over stuffed with extra papers. The front provides an insert for my phone. I have an S5 and it fits perfectly. No more juggling my phone and planner. The left side can hold a notepad. I got the colored lfreeleaf notepads. I can punch them later to add to any Circa binders. I have received complements on the binder, and I have only had it a week. December 4, 2014
Great Functionality, Horrible Embossing Overall I love my new portfolio! It adds that extra but much needed organization to my busy work life. The quality of the product is excellent, but the embossing job was a wreck. I paid extra to get my full name on the folio and as you can see, only a faint "r" remains. I am unimpressed with the personalization for such a quality product. August 11, 2014
Center of my workflow After losing (!!!) one smaller Circa notebook, I decided (after the requisite grieving / decope process) to get one I couldn't possibly leav eon the roof of the car. This model richly fits the bill, and it's a delight to hold and use. I particularly appreciate that in this model the rings are covered; the 1" size limit keeps me honest about archiving pages I need to archive, and the lack of clattering ring-noise makes me more popular at meetings. I find that though I *can* fit a smartphone in the front pocket, I tend to actually use it for a 3x5 secondary notepad that keeps my to-do list. The magnetic clasps have a satisfying *thwack* sound on closure, which is a silly little thing but oddly pleasant ("I wrote something in my notebook and closed it again -- surely I am productive right this moment!"), and the pen pocket is just right for the more substantial L-Tech I favor. My only qualm, if it could even be called a qualm, is that I would like to have the option of simply buying the 2015 month-at-a-glance pages; I've been using this planner so long I totally have my system figured out and need only the things I need. (And lots and lots of Rhodia paper.) Absolutely recommended. July 18, 2014
Made The Swtich I love the smart leather portfolio andthe Smart Planner agenda. I have used other circa products but had not switched my yearly planner and agenda to a circa product. I was a little concerned when I received my portfolio -- for some reason I had not seen the slot in the front that I believe was designed to carry your smartphone. Since I am not able to use it as designed I have found other uses for the slot. The leather quality of the portfolio is excellent. I wish it was leather inside and out. I was a little unhappy that the right inside and center inside weren't leather but I love the way it closes and snaps. Overall I am very happy with the product and happy that I switched to a circa planner. I have been a consistent user of Levenger products for quite awhile and this product was up to the Levenger standard and did not disappoint. January 13, 2014
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