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Motif Circa Folio Letter 5 5 1 1
Excellent, but thin A very attractive folio that feels great. The leather is of top quality and the color stands out without being gaudy. Functionally, the pockets inside the front cover are very helpful hold a business or notecard, and the large zippered pocket in the front cover holds mu iPad Air with the Logitech keyboard attached. And with the Pen holder allows the folio to be kept closed and make sure you have your nicer pens. My only concern is the thickness and sturdiness of the front cover; it is very thin, almost thin enough to be rolled up like a tube. I have to also say this helps reduce the weight of the folio, which I appreciate because I tried the Levenger Circa Folio that has an iPad Pocket and found it too heavy and bulky. This folio is much closer to the ideal weight and size for my tastes, which are admittedly hard to match. I would recommend this for any person who wants a tasteful, stylish folio that can hold an iPad and a circa notebook. January 3, 2014
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