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Work Play iPhone 5 Folio Black 4.4 5 7 7
iPhone Holder Kinda disappointed in this product since it came from Levenger. The actual case for the iphone doesn't fit the phone correctly. The fit is too loose on the sides of the phone. Was hoping for something nicer. I do like the note pad & the kickstand! May 21, 2015
Huge folio/jotter This folio/jotter is much bigger than I expected. I thought it would be similar in dimensions to an iPhone 5s. It is much bigger than that, perhaps too big to put in a pants pocket. Otherwise it is very nice and well made. Note that it arrived in two boxes, one for the folio and one for the phone case (which attaches with magnets). April 2, 2015
LOVE this Folio I use this for my Ipod 5, (not Phone) and it works wonderful. It is easy to carry, very convenient, and the Notepad makes a looooot of Things easier. You also can carry youre Ipod easy without the Folio and still have it very safe and secure. I used the whole Folio just on my knees while sitting and the Magnets are very strong and the Ipod it will NOT come off. A little MINUS by the way: I wish they had it in a different Color, Always Black is sooooo boring. Also a little Side Pocket would be nice also for the Notes, they flying around, you do not know where to put these. Well, the Stand,- mmh, I do not think it works that good, but that didn't bother. Great Product overall, THANK YOU March 20, 2015
iPhone 5c I read that this was for the iphone 5 and I have ordered cases from other websites that claim compatibility with the 5c and 5s, this did too. This works perfectly! Exactly what the description entailed, is what I am experiencing. I liked this so much and the functionality, I ordered the same product for my ipad mini! Levenger has not let me down! I would attach a photo but then my notes would be public. I guess I use it too much! December 11, 2014
Thumb's Up I recently ordered the Work & Play Folio for iPhone5 and I decided to write about the item. It is a great size & highly well made as I've found all of your products. It is a great size for the hand and easier to carry than just the iPhone itself. I always carry it in my hand in summer as no pockets are safe for the phone, with the Folio one hasn't the chance of forgetting it or grabbing one's pocket that is ringing. I find I use the note tablet quite often: jot down ideas, reminders when I am out & I simply put in one of your pens & I am ready. The magnetized cell case works well, just remember to keep it away from credit cards & hotel cards, but an excellent product. Thank you Levenger! October 10, 2014
Another review of the iPhone 5 Case Dear Levenger, I continue to be very happy with your Work and Play Folio for iPhone 5. Granted, I don't use the folio very much, just the magnetized case for the phone. (I still find the Folio a little too big for conveniently putting the phone in my pocket.) However, I wanted to add some words of praise now that I have had some experience with this case. It is showing no signs of wear, no fraying, no unraveling stitching, etc. It seems very well designed and sewn. I continue to believe you should not have a window for the MicroSD card on the right side of the case, because if you ever want to change the card, you can slip the phone out of the case with no trouble at all, and replace it in the case after the change is made. Eliminating the access for the SD Card on the right will merely make the case stronger and more able to hold its shape. The case is very tactile! I love the leather. I love the way it fits my hand, and how my fingers naturally fit between the top and bottom seams on the case edges. The main fun thing I want to share are: It's magnetized! This was brought home to me when I found it was excellent for holding in place a few napkins on one of Starbucks' outside tables made from steel. It was very convenient! And then I thought, what other things could I stick this phone to for safe-keeping? The refrigerator, of course, and metal file cabinets at the office. Anyway, I think you should tout that usage as an added benefit. Thanks, Levenger, for a useful and satisfying product. February 11, 2014
GENERALLY EXCELLENT I like this a lot, with a few suggestions. The easel function works fine after you get the hang of it, that is, you need to put your finger under apex of the easel to extend it to make sure that it is fully extended, or it slips out and the folio flops flat on the desk. The case itself for the iPhone (I have a 5s) fits perfectly--my only suggestion there is that the opening for the SD card on the right side could be completely omitted, thereby giving more strength to the case on that side. The fact that you can switch the folio from right to left handed is great, and works fine, as I'm a lefty. My main gripe is not a gripe, just a constructive suggestion, I hope. I don't think the 3x5 notepad is up to snuff with the rest of the design--the notepad cover is already getting a little dogeared already, it's too thick, and all of a sudden the paper seems way too thin when compared to the excellent Shirt Pocket Briefcase cards. The whole folio is a little bulky, thus making it a little less convenient. We all know size is key for electronics, smaller is probably better. I hope that Levenger is prototyping right now a model to combine the Shirt Pocket Briefcase or the Slim Wallet Writer with a conforming-sized folio and iPhone case. At first I thought the Shirt Pocket Briefcase should be attached to the folio with magnets, like the iPhone case, and that would allow the Briefcase to be detached and used separately. But on the other hand, it might be better to make the Briefcase a part of the folio itself, thereby making it slimmer and simpler. If you could find some was to ditch the Folio altogether, and make the Shirt Pocket Briefcase attach directly to top of the iPhone case, by magnets by other means, protecting the iPhone screen, might be the best idea. Levenger, thanks for serving the writing and electronics community, and let me know if you want me to handle this project! December 19, 2013
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