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Kudos I use this daily for work and find it both attractive and functional. This is the high quality we've all come to enjoy from Levenger products and I have no complaints. It was well worth the investment and I highly recommend it. July 17, 2014
Very Versatile I bought this cover primarily because it had the Levenger quality pad with it and didn't really look at the rest of the functionality of it at the time of purchase. However I was pleasantly surprised when I received it and realized I could remove the iPad from the case while keeping it in a protected sleeve and i could fold the cover to make a great surface for reading and using as an alarm clock on my bedside table. Functionality aside, it looks great and will last for a long time. I HIGHLY recommend it. July 17, 2014
Birthday gift to family member This review is somewhat second hand, because based on the gift person's comments. She LOVED it, but unfortunately had a different tablet than the iPad and it was too small for the Folio opening to hold securely. Levenger might consider including, or offering, an insert or some feature that would enable it to hold tablets of various sizes. (The "About" profile refers to the gift person.) July 17, 2014
Not quite perfect Nice quality but the I-pad fits too tightly into this portfolio. Difficult to get to buttons. July 17, 2014
Serious draw back This is a beautiful portfolio. Unfortunately it requires that you shut off the iPad manually. Most iPad covers shut off the iPad when you close the cover but not this one. I use it anyway but it is a pain to have to turn the iPad on and off each time you open and close it. June 30, 2014
Excited & Delighted I just received my work n play folio and I absolutely love it. My search for a product of this nature is over. It far exceeds my expectations and I will order more items from Levenger. Thank you for your committment to providing excellent quality to your customers. March 31, 2014
Surprised... I just received my Work & Play iPad Folio. The quality and craftsmanship is what I have come to expect with Levenger, excellent. I know the folio is supposed to be ambidextrious, but the card slots only work in one direction which limits the folio to basically right handed use. I can't speak with regard to earlier issues with the magnets, but mine hold great. The issue I do have however is the fitment of the iPad in the sleeve. Wth my iPad air there is significant alignment issues. There is a significant amount of space left when sliding the iPad in. It slides around in the sleeve enough that the camera and home button are either aligned with the front or the back. The sleeve is too big, I'm hoping that over time it doesnt get worse. I love he idea, but someone at Levenger needs to take a look at the iPad sleeve or state that it does not fit an iPad Air. March 10, 2014
Great Product! I appreciate the quality and features of this case. I know this one is going to last and not fall apart like my other ones! My notepad comes in handing to write quick notes and the trifold screen view helps with viewing. Money well spent. February 27, 2014
I love it! Exactly what I wanted! I read the reviews and I don't understand the problems people are having with magnets and fit. The magnets are fine . . . Of course I don't plan to sling it around my head--maybe others do! I like being able to remove the IPad quickly--to pass it over to my husband and say "look at this" or take a picture. And having the pen and paper right there is perfect. Leave it to Levenger's to read my mind and come up with exactly what I needed! January 20, 2014
The quality of the product is oustanding. We purchased the tan and it is a beautiful color. The item is a little stiff and difficult to manage at first but hopefully it will loosen up with use. The portfolio is very professional and sharp looking. Our only complaint is that the Ipad cover has exposed corners so it does not really protect the Ipad in the event you drop it. We were hoping that the Ipad cover would be sufficient for everyday use and then could be inserted into the portfolio for meetings, etc. but it does not provide the same level of protection that other cases do. December 30, 2013
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