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Have looked everywhere for this! I love my iPad mini, and have been working my way through the universe of covers. I have tried and returned at least six from other sources as I worked out what I need on a daily basis. I like to take notes on the run during the work day without powering up the iPad, so I wanted a holder that included the notepad, but I couldn't quite accept the price of the Levenger. My family found a Booq product that was the "same", and it was a move in the right direction, but the quality just wasn't there, and it does not have the same features as your holder. I am left-handed, and the conversion does not leave me feeling that the cover is now backwards (as the Booq did with the snap closure hanging off the wrong side). The leather quality is excellent. Also, being able to lift out the iPad to read (or take a picture) without holding the whole cover is much more convenient. Finally, the pen holder is sturdier and easier to use than the Booq, which had an elastic that would pull the case flap loose (the one that tucked behind the ipad) when you put in or took out the pen. In short, I love this folio every day, and consider it worth every penny! June 16, 2013
Good I really like it, it looks great and is perfect for me. I love to write notes and also to keep my input system to my storage places available. I don't have a camera hole and that is the only drawback for me. June 9, 2013
Almost There... This iPad Mini case is actually kind of awesome. It was really about 90% of what I was looking for in a case... I had a couple of choices. Go for a slim snap in case, a keyboard case, or a notebook case. I like to write notes and not type them. I will go back and extract what I want to keep later. So this works great. I can put the iPad on the left and the pad on the right. The iPad lifts out easily too. A lot of people are asking where I got this one. Drawbacks... The leather around the iPad covers the edge of the screen. Version 2 needs a snap on case for the iPad. I want Circa!!! I Want Circa!!! This is Levenger. I want a writing pad that is Circa Punched that fits this case. I have plenty of medium size binders I can organize my notes in. Version 2 needs enough space on the tablet for predrilled holes. I case you missed my last comment... I want an Ipad mini Circa case. Otherwise this product is almost there.... April 30, 2013
Nice but not for me OK, I tried this one as well. Out of all the iPad covers I have tried from Levenger - this one comes closest to pleasing me. I guess I am on an eternal quest for the best/ideal cover. I have found many things over the years at Levenger that satiated my hunger for the ideal. Unfortunately this one does not quite make it. Do not get me wrong. It is very interesting, the design is well done, for many it may be ideal. My issue is bulk. I have an iPad mini because of its compact size. I love the idea of a tablet of paper with it. But do not like the bulk this brings together. In design, I think they could have cut at least 25% of the depth of the product. There is a lot of extra materials in layers of it. They could have cut an 1/8 of an inch by having a snap in iPad mini. Perhaps used a smaller tablet of paper. Some may love this, I like it and even admire it, but in the end it is not for me. April 22, 2013
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